Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 14

The Magic Show

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Al is getting ready for a radio interview at the Cunningham house. George Fenneman and the radio station are broadcasting live. Al and Howard are co-chairmen of the Leopard Lodge's annual Sunnyside Orphanage Fund-raising Dinner Show being held the next night at the Pfister Hotel. Howard gives the information on the show as Al becomes tongue-tied at the site of the microphone. The Incredible Crustini will attempt a suspenseful trick, the famous milk-can escape. Louise and Louie, the poster children from the orphanage, make an announcement for people to come to the show. Fonzie comes in and makes an announcement regarding the benefit. Richie and Joanie come in followed by Potsie and Ralph. Potsie sings, and Ralph tells jokes before a piece of the radio equipment blows up. Marion receives a call and learns that the Great Crustini is in the hospital after being injured while doing the milk-can escape. Fonzie tells them about the Amazing Randi who is in Chicago. Randi can also do the milk-can escape. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie go to Chicago to find the Amazing Randi. Ralph and Potsie play with some of the tricks he has. They go to the window and see Randi hanging upside down in a straightjacket 14 stories above Michigan Avenue. He signs the contract to do the show. Potsie, Richie, and Ralph sing "Oh, Boy" as part of the show. Al is backstage worried about how the show is going. Joanie is dressed in a red glitter outfit and acts as Randi's assistant. Randi coughs, so Potsie gives him a glass of vodka (thinking it was water). Randi passes out. Howard tells some jokes, and Marion tells him about Randi. Fonzie offers to take Randi's place. He does some tricks. He does the disappearing box trick. Fonzie and Marion do the floating woman trick. Randi is not sober yet, and everyone waits for the great milk-can escape. Louise and Louie beg Fonzie to do the dangerous trick. Ralph and Potsie prepare the milk can, and Fonzie gets in. After being in the can for 40 seconds, Randi (who has become sober) says Fonzie could drown. Fonzie completes the escape. Howard says they're going to clear almost $12,000. The Amazing Randi makes a radio disappear and congratulates Fonzie.

Songs in this episode:

"Oh, Boy" (played by the band) by Buddy Holly And The Crickets (1958)