Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 12

The Mechanic

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fonzie is repairing a car at the garage, and Chachi says he needs to hire some help. Chachi says that nobody can keep up the pace Fonzie is currently keeping. As an example, he did a muffler job instead of a lube job. Fonzie has worked 18 hours straight. Fonzie wants to call Arnold's but dials Paula Petrolunga instead. He put a new set of headlights into Al's car instead of rotating the tires. Fonzie comes into Arnold's looking tired, talks to the guys, and picks up his to-go order. He receives a telephone call at the drive-in from someone answering his want ad. He tells the person to meet him at Bronko's in one hour. Back at the garage, Chachi asks for the night off to write a five-page autobiography. A man in a wheelchair comes in for the job. His name is Don Konig. Don says he can handle the job, and Fonzie says he is only paying $1.65 a hour with no overtime. Fonzie hires him, and Don starts immediately. Don works on cleaning up the workbench. At the Cunningham house, Joanie makes dinner. Marion says she spent the afternoon rehearsing for the all-female version of Little Men. Fonzie comes in and says that Don is driving him crazy. Richie does an impersonation of how Fonzie would fire the guy. Fonzie tells him that Don is in a wheelchair. Fonzie says that Don has a chip on his shoulder. Don is coming over to give Richie a haircut. Howard lets Don in the back door. As he begins to cut Richie's hair, Don talks a little about himself. He says he was hit by a drunk driver and leaves. At the garage, Chachi shows Fonzie his report that he got a B+ on. Fonzie gives Chachi some money to buy a sherbet, and Chachi skips away. Richie comes to the garage with his baseball glove and ball. Fonzie shows Richie a social security work report that Don filled out and wanted him to sign. It says "Work Attitude: Good." He had his own shop before the accident. Fonzie said he told Don that he should be a mechanic, and Don quit. Richie goes to look for Don, and brings him to the garage. Fonzie tells Don, through Richie, that he was wrong about not signing his progress report. Don says he doesn't want to work in Fonzie's dump. Fonzie pulls a wheelchair out of his office, sits down, and chases Don around. Fonzie goes in his office upset, and Don leaves. At dinner at the Cunninghams, Fonzie is saddened. Don later comes to the house and talks to everybody. He says that he has been difficult and apologizes. Don says that he appreciates their honesty and leaves to go to the movies. Fonzie and Don go to the garage to take a look at a car. Don, Richie, and Fonzie come in from playing basketball (H.O.R.S.E.). Howard announces that he lost three pounds, and everyone eats lunch from the buffet Marion has set up.
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