Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 2

The Motorcycle

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1975 on ABC

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  • In this classic episode, Fonzie is devastated when he discoveres that someone has wrecked his beloved motorbike. Vengeance is vowed, and soon a plan is come up with to track down the culprit who did the dirty deed - but why is Ralph acting so concerned?

    This episode is really funny and well performed. I'd not only rank it as one of the best of the season, but of the entire series.

    Fonzie is great as he breaks down over the destruction of his beloved motorcycle, and Henry Winkler plays it perfectly.

    As always, Marion is one of my favourite characters, as she tries to distract the Fonz with one of Joanie's magic tricks.

    But the star of the show is Ralph, who enters Arnold's looking very concerned and suspicious, and we all know from the first second we see him that he was somehow responsible, even if it was an accident.

    All-in-all, this is a classic, really funny episode. I'd rank it in my top 10 favourite episodes of the series.
  • A Totally awesome episode!!!

    In this episode, Ralph accidentally wrecks Fonzie's motorcycle. Fonzie finds it in pieces on the Cunningham's driveway. Fonzie is desperate to find out who totaled his motorcycle. Ralph is terrified of what Fonzie would do to him if Fonzie found out that he wrecked his bike.

    I think this episode is one of the best episodes of the whole series. It is my favourite episode of "Happy Day's." This episode is so flipping hilarious and comical. Ralph is so funny. Watching Ralph try to act like he didn't wreck Fonzie's motorcycle was so hilarious. The whole cast of Happy Day's is awesome actor's and actresses. I definitely suggest if you haven't seen this episode before, to watch it. It's great!
  • Fonzie suffers what appears to be a near-fatal blow when the love of his life, his motocycle, is wrecked.

    We all know by now just how much Fonzie loves his motocycle. The two are like bread and butter, they just go together effortlessly. Most would agree that The Fonz's bike is just about the most important thing in his life, so imagine how devastated and furious he is when he finds that some fiend has wrecked it!

    Fonzie is brokenhearted but at the same time, vows to seek vengeance on whomever the guilty party is. Richie and his other friends rally around him and offer to help in any way they can, but are they too wrapped up in helping Fonzie find the culprit to notice that Ralph is acting very oddly?

    An hilarious episode, a must-see for Fonzie fans as Henry Winkler gives an excellent performance while Fonzie mourns for his bike. Great stuff!
  • Defining Happy Days Espisode

    One of the best Happy Days episodes ever. An enduring treat no matter how many times you see it.

    Someone trashes Fonzie's beloved motocycle while it was parked in the Cunningham's driveway, and Fonzie's out for vegeance. We soon find out it's Ralph Malph, who accidentaly ran over the bike, and hilarity ensues as his guilt gets the better of him, and he plots to stay alive as long as he can.

    He confesses his sins, and the Cunninghams devise a way for Malph to come clean to Fonzie, and prevent bodily injury, via Joannie's " rope trick. "

    Ralph ends up selling his car, and buys Fonzie a new bike, and asks for forgiveness. This goes slightly awry when Ralph blows it, asking Fonzie to try out the new bike, by uttering the series signature line " Sit on it, Fonzie." Fonzie's shows his maturity and growth from biker gang hood to truly nice guy, and accepts Malph's apology and new bike.

    Similar plot device was also used in a later episode when Fonzie goes blind and Richie takes apart his motorcycle to show Fonzie he is still is useful, and Potsie and Malph also do the same thing.