Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 15

The Not-Making of the President

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph talk about who they are supporting in the Presidential race: Stevenson or Eisenhower. Debbie Howser comes over on her motor scooter, and Richie wants to ask her out on a date but she's busy campaigning for Stevenson. Howard comes home with a Stevenson bumper sticker on his car (Richie later says that kids are putting them on cars all over town). The family sits down together to eat dinner, and they talk about politics. Howard is for Eisenhower, but Richie decides to campaign for Stevenson in order to get on Debbie's good side. Howard comes home the next evening with even more Stevenson bumper stickers on his car. Richie does some research on Stevenson in order to impress Debbie. Debbie asks Richie to be the speaker at the youth rally at Arnold's on Sunday. Richie and Howard argue about Stevenson (Democrat) vs. Eisenhower (Republican) as Howard tries to fix the broken garage door. Richie calls Howard narrow-minded after Howard tells Richie he should be for Eisenhower because he [Howard] is. Richie makes the speech for Stevenson, and Fonzie makes a speech for Eisenhower. When Stevenson loses the race, Debbie says she can't see Richie because being with him would bring up painful memories of Stevenson's loss. Howard comes to the Stevenson headquarters and offers to take Richie to Stanley's Pizza Parlor for some pepperoni and onion pizza. At the house, Joanie comes downstairs to find out who won, and Marion admits that she voted for Stevenson.

Songs in this episode:
"Wake Up Little Susie" by The Everly Brothers (1957)
"Sh-Boom" by The Crew Cuts (1955)