Happy Days

Season 9 Episode 6

The Other Guy

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Arnold's, Fonzie says hello to Roger, but Roger is immersed in a book about female psychology. Roger says there's a girl that he likes more than she likes him, so Fonzie tells him to go after her. Roger says he doesn't want to be presumptuous. Fonzie asks what made Roger a crazy man during his playing days at Yale, and he responds by doing one of their cheers. This pumps Roger up, and he says he'll go to see the woman that night and be a crazy man. He leaves. At the woman's [Mona] house, her father tries to teach a dog to attack a dummy. There's a knock at the door, and it's Roger. He and Mona kiss. She introduces him to her father whose name is Hank. The dog's name is Guts, and Hank says he loves meat. The dog jumps at Roger, and he runs toward the door. Hank leaves with Guts to feed him. Roger invites Mona over to his place, but she says she has a date. She asks if they can make it another night. The phone rings, and Mona answers it. Hank and Guts come back into the living room. Mona apologizes and says she has to leave. At the Cunningham house, Joanie and Chachi watch television. Chachi reads about that night's episode of Gidget. Joanie is irritated because she doesn't like to plan her social calendar by the TV Guide. She says that they'd go to the movies or out to dinner every night when they started dating. Chachi says that nobody can keep up that pace and that the nice thing about being a couple is that they can just relax and enjoy each other's company. Marion and Roger come into the kitchen carrying groceries, and Marion asks Joanie and Chachi if they can get the rest. Roger tells Marion that he has girl trouble, and she suggests that he talk to Howard about it. She says she married him because of his passionate nature. She shows Roger some of Howard's love letters to her to prove it. She reads one of them aloud as Joanie and Chachi quietly come in and sit on the counter. Fonzie quitely comes in through the front door. Lori Beth quietly comes down the stairs, and Howard comes in through the front door. The room is now filled with people listening to Howard's love letters to Marion. Howard asks what she's doing, and she says it's only Roger. She, then, looks around and sees everyone else. Howard says she promised she'd never show the letters to anyone. Howard angrily goes upstairs, and Marion follows. Fonzie and Roger walk into Arnold's. Fonzie asks Lori Beth if the baby asked about him that day. She says he ate one of the leather booties Fonzie gave him. Lori Beth and her friend leave. Fonzie gets some coffee for Roger. Al asks if he can talk to Fonzie saying he has a personal problem. Fonzie says he has to talk to Roger first. Roger tells him about what happened at his girl's apartment the other night. Fonzie says she probably likes a guy that takes charge and tells Roger to lay down the law. Al, who's been listening, tells Chachi to lock up and runs out the door. Roger goes into Fonzie's office to call her. Mona comes into Arnold's, and she and Fonzie kiss. She goes to powder her nose, and Roger comes out saying the phone is busy. Fonzie tells Roger to try again. Mona comes back out looking for her purse. She goes back in. Roger comes out saying that her father said she's not home. He speculates that she's probably with the other guy. Roger leaves. Mona comes out, and she and Fonzie kiss. At the house, Marion apologizes to Howard for reading the love letters. He says he didn't actually write the letters. An army buddy of his wrote them. She says she married him because of those letters and that their marriage is based on lies. He says it was his stationery. Joanie answers the door, and a man gives her a basket of flowers. She reads the card and thinks they're from Chachi. He comes in, and she runs up and kisses him. He says he didn't send the flowers. Joanie runs upstairs with the flowers. Howard tries to apologize to Marion, but she won't hear of it. She goes upstairs. Roger comes in saying that a girl is making his life miserable to which Howard and Chachi respond, "who cares?" Howard and Chachi go into the kitchen, and Fonzie comes in the front door. Fonzie tells Roger to call Mona right now because he hasn't yet. He tells her to drop the other guy and meet him at his place. He hangs up the phone and tells Fonzie that she told him to drop dead. They both leave to go to the girl's house. At Mona's, Hank is with Guts. Fonzie and Roger come in. Guts jumps at them but cowers after Fonzie snaps his fingers. Mona comes in from the kitchen, and Fonzie and Roger soon realize what's going on. Roger asks how Fonzie could do that to him. Fonzie tells Roger that she's all his. Mona says that it's her decision. She says she can't go out with either one of them because the situation would be awkward. Roger insults Fonzie, and he leaves. Mona apologizes to Roger, and Guts chases him out. At the Cunningham house, Howard and Marion sit on opposite ends of the couch and ignore each other. Fonzie comes in looking for an orange juicer. Roger comes in and says he got a little crazy the night before. Fonzie tells him that there are many other girls out there. They go up to Fonzie's apartment for some orange juice. Joanie comes down the stairs saying she still hasn't found out who sent her the flowers. Howard says he sent the flowers to Marion, but Joanie intercepted them. He didn't want to spoil things for Joanie by telling her. Howard says that the letters he gave her were his actual feelings but that he just couldn't write things like that. They kiss. Chachi comes in with a bouquet of flowers for Joanie that he pulled out of the ground. Songs in this episode: "You're My Sunshine" by Ray Charles (1962) "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra (1966) "Blue Velvet" by Bobby Vinton (1963) "Rhythm Of The Rain" by The Cascades (1963)