Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 5

The Other Richie Cunningham

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie watches a horror movie on televison. When Richie comes home, she pretends to be asleep on the couch. Richie plays a joke by pretending that he brought a girl (Rhonda) home. He fakes going upstairs and then hides behind the couch. When Joanie gets up to go upstairs to watch, Richie pops up and scares her. Howard (wearing a hat that is shaped like a screw) and Marion (who's a little tipsy) come home from a hardware convention. Marion brings Joanie up to bed. Howard tells Richie about George (who's in the business of bathroom fixtures) and Henrietta McKinnie from Nebraska. Howard asks Richie to go out with George's daughter, Winifred "Winnie" McKinnie, to help close a business deal. Richie says that he has a double date with Ralph and twins for the next night, though. Howard lays a guilt trip on Richie, so Richie says he'll go on the date with Winnie.

At Arnold's, Ralph argues with Richie about breaking their date, and Fonzie comes in and asks why Richie is giving up a date with Laurie Glass. Fonzie suggests that Potsie be "the other Richie Cunningham" for the night and go out with Winnie so Richie can go out with Laurie. Richie and Ralph give Potsie $10.00 to do it. Richie, Ralph, and their dates come back to Arnold's and see Potsie with Winnie. Since Potsie is "Richie," he calls Richie "Warren." Potsie tells Richie that when he and Winnie initially came into Arnold's, people called him "Potsie." To explain this, Potsie told Winnie that "Potsie" is his nickname. Ralph comes over and calls Richie "Potsie" in front of Winnie who immediately questions the name. Richie explains that everyone is nicknamed "Potsie" because they're in the Potsie Club.

Howard receives a phone call from George who says Potsie took Winnie up to Inspiration Point where she tore her dress trying to get out of the car to get away from him. Howard and Richie talk about his evening, and Richie doesn't admit to anything because he doesn't know about what happened with Potsie and Winnie. Howard tells Richie that he's going to apologize to Winnie the next morning, but Richie says he can't.

The next morning, Fonzie brings Potsie to the house, and Richie tells Howard that it was Potsie that caused Winnie to tear her dress. Howard thinks it would be best if they told George the truth, but Fonzie thinks Potsie, as Richie, should just apologize. Fonzie tells the guys about women and says they are not real people. An angry George and Winifred come over, and "Richard" (Potsie) apologizes to her. Joanie comes in and calls Richie by his real name thus blowing the whole sham. Howard covers it up by talking about how he'll fill his whole store window with a display of George's fixtures. Afterward, George admits to Howard that he isn't the "Prince of Porcelain" and that he has an even smaller store than Howard. Everyone eats breakfast, and Howard says he shouldn't have used Richie's social life for his business deals. Everyone apologizes for their parts in the fiasco. Songs in this episode: "Who's Sorry Now?" by Connie Francis (1958) "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin (1958)