Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 20

The Physical

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion and Richie argue over Richie's clothes and shoes that lay around the house everywhere. Howard brings in the mail, and Richie gets a letter instructing him to report for an army physical. He goes to Fonzie's garage to find Ralph and Potsie. They also received notices to report for physicals. Fonzie is working under a car. Richie eats breakfast at 5:30 the next morning. Howard heads out the door thinking its time for work and thinks there is a total eclipse outside. Marion says she set his alarm early so that he could see Richie off. Ralph and Potsie come and take some breakfast. Marion gives Richie a bagged lunch. The guys are in group B and are instructed by Sgt. Betchler. Betchler smells Richie's sardine-sandwich lunch and tosses it aside. Ralph eats his note from his father that says he is legally blind when Betchler asks if anyone has notes. Betchler calls the roll. "Fonzarelli" is called, and Fonzie shows up at the door. Fonzie calls him "Sgt. Belcher." Fonzie says they have to be out by noon because he has a date with the Hooper triplets. The guys are given some forms to fill out. Betchler puts Richie in charge after he correctly pronounces his name and says he took R.O.T.C. in high school. Potsie, Ralph, Richie, and Fonzie all give Betchler ten push-ups (Potsie for asking a dumb question, Ralph for giggling, and Richie for saying "Belcher,"). The guys go in another room for their physicals. They give blood samples. A lieutenant nurse comes in to give a step-running test for pulse and heartbeat. The nurse is very impressed with Fonzie's health. Back in the first room, Betchler dismisses everyone but Fonzie. The Twinkies from Richie's lunch are missing, but Betchler gives Richie money for some more. The lieutenant nurse comes in and orders Sgt. Betchler to give her ten push-ups. Back at the Cunningham house, the guys and Joanie go outside and play some touch football. Marion worries about Richie having to fight, and Howard reassures her. A window is broken with the football, and everyone says that Joanie did it.
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