Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 24

The Roaring Twenties

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard's Uncle Joe is sleeping on the couch while Richie talks on the phone to Lori Beth. Richie says that he has to type up a report and look after Joe. Joe wakes up after he stopped snoring, and Richie hangs up the phone. Richie gives Joe a cookie. Richie is working on a journalism report on the 1920s. Joe says the '20s were his heyday. Richie gives Joe his report to read, and Joe says that everything is wrong. He tells Richie a story about his cousin, Cecil Cunningham, a district attorney during the roaring twenties. Some clips from the 1920s are shown as Joe gives a brief history regarding the end of the war and the period of Prohibition. There was a saloon keeper named Eddie (Howard). Eddie was an honest business man until Prohibition forced him against Cecil (Richie) whose objective was to rid the town of alcohol and bootleggers. Four girls (including Joanie and Lori Beth) dance at the saloon singing "Powder My Back" as the picture turns from black and white to color. Pretty Boy (Potsie) takes care of a man who gets a little too close to Joanie. Eddie's wife (Marion), whom he had broken up with, comes in to protest the serving of liquor at the saloon and takes Joanie with her. The paper boy (Chachi) enters and delivers a newspaper with the headline "D.A. Cecil Cunningham Closes Another Speakeasy." The D.A. is at the door of the bar, so everyone tries to cover up the fact that alcohol is being served there. Cecil and Pervis (Ralph) come in to raid the Kit Kat Club as Lori Beth is singing. Cecil and Pervis leave when they don't find anything, but they promise to return. Cecil talks to Ginger (Lori Beth), Pervis's sister, before he leaves. Pretty Boy says that she is now Spats's girl. Cecil leaves. The girls dance some more. Spats (Fonzie) arrives at the club, and the girls cater to him. Pretty Boy clears a guy out of Spats's table. Eddie is four months behind in his protection payments to Spats. Eddie says Spats might be going soft because four of Eddie's other places have been raided on his watch. Spats says Cunningham will be dead tomorrow. Spats says he knows a man named Bear who will rub Cunningham out. Bear (Al) enters. He gives a table a "hug" and destroys it. Spats gives Bear a dollar, which he eats. Spats and Bear leave for the opera as the girls resume dancing. At the D.A. office, Cecil and Pervis discuss the Kit Kat Club. The paper boy enters and gives Cecil a paper with the headline "Spats Puts Contract Out on Cunningham and his Assistant, Pervis." He leaves. Cecil, Pervis, and several police officers raid the club again - this time without knocking first. The police escort everyone out of the club. Ginger is temporarily spared but is ultimately taken away, as well, when she can't remember Cecil's name. After everyone has left, Pretty Boy and Bear sit at a table. Bear goes after Cecil at the D.A. office. Cecil is thrown out the window but manages to hold on. Spats enters and takes over for Bear. Spats reveals himself as an undercover man for the F.B.I. He still has to let Cecil fall out the window because, if he doesn't, the mob will know he's an agent. The paper boy brings in a paper with a headline that reads "Prohibition Ends" just before Spats is about to let Cecil loose. Spats helps Cecil back in. Pervis comes in and sees Spats. Pervis runs at Spats, and accidentally jumps out out the window when Spats moves. Back in real time, Uncle Joe tells Richie that Spats and Ginger moved out West. Joe says that he made up some parts of the story to spice it up, but everything about Cecil was true. Joe tells Richie to come over anytime for more history of the family.