Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 8

The Skin Game

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1974 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Arnold's, Ralph tells everyone about seeing Bubbles McCall at a burlesque show at Eddie's Pink Palace. Richie receives a call from Marion to get some groceries (a loaf of rye bread and toilet paper). Pockets, Fonzie, and Potsie come over to the house. Pockets makes Potsie a fake identification card. Marion brings up some milk and cookies to the room. Pockets leaves before he can make Richie's card. Richie asks Chuck for his draft identification card, but it is already loaned out to Bobby Gazari. Potsie obtains a card for Richie with the name Joe Kilvinski who is 25. They get into the show when a new ticket checker takes over for his tough boss. They order a two beers each to cover the minimum. They are more than a little surprised to see Howard at the show with his business associate, Fred Hingle. After watching her perform, Richie and Potsie find out that Bubbles doesn't take it all off as Ralph had told them. Howard brings Richie home his souvenir (a white glove) and grounds him for a week. Later, at Arnold's, Richie and Potsie pull the same stunt on another guy as Ralph had done to them saying "you've got to see it to believe it."

Songs in this episode:

"Bye Bye Love" by The Everly Brothers (1957)

an unknown instrumental

"Night Train" by Marvin Berry And The Starlighters (1957)

"Standing On The Corner" by The Four Lads (1955)