Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 17

The Third Anniversary Show

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie searches around and finally finds the photo album. It is Howard and Marion's anniversary, and Howard wants to suprise Marion. She thinks he has forgotten about it as he does every year. Richie remembers a big fight between Howard and Marion (scenes from previous episodes are shown). Fonzie comes in with a gift that Howard promptly hides. Howard and Marion leave to go bowling. Ralph and Potsie arrive. Potsie thinks that Howard has always liked him (scenes). Richie tells Fonzie that he doesn't do too bad with the chicks (scenes). Fonzie looks at some pictures with Joanie (scenes). Richie looks at a photo with Fonzie's arm around Potsie (scenes). Potsie remembers when Ralph was afraid of Fonzie (scenes). Al arrives with some food. Fonzie says he'll eat anything, and Richie reminds him about the liver (scenes). Marion arrives home and is surprised by everyone. Joanie and Richie give them a fish and a weekend at Lake Whitefish. Fonzie gives them a raccoon tail as a good luck charm (scenes). Howard's cousin, Nancy Blansky, who introduced Howard to Marion, arrives at the house from Las Vegas. She mistakes Fonzie for Richie. She is in charge of entertainment at the Oasis Hotel. Ralph says to look no further if she's looking for talent (scenes). Howard and Nancy dance to "Tea For Two." Howard gives Marion his present - a Cracker Jack box with an engagement ring inside. Joanie brings in a cake, and everyone sings. Fonzie receives a call from the Aloha Pussycats. They tell Marion that Fonzie's late. Fonzie and Nancy leave. Some scenes of Howard and Marion being frisky are shown.
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