Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 8

They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie talks to Al and says it will cost $200 if he wants their three piece band to play at the marathon dance at Arnold's. Al offers $25, and Ralph counters with $35 and a meal. Al accepts it with Ralph not knowing that it is for a marathon dance. Richie tells him they could be working for 15 hours ($.78 per hour). Joanie and her friend, Jimmy, come into Arnold's after Joanie was cut from the pom-pom team by the captain, Jill Higgins. Jill comes in and wants to have a malt with Jimmy. Joanie says she isn't going to the marathon dance where Howard will be a judge, Marion the first-aid lady, and Richie playing in the band. Joanie says she has no chance against Jill and her partner Bubba, who is her brother. Fonzie comes in and apologizes for being late. Marion suggests that Fonzie be Joanie's dance partner. Fonzie says he has other plans, but he finally agrees after hearing about Jill Higgins and after Joanie shows him her dimples. The night of the dance, Fonzie finally arrives at the house very exhausted after pushing his bike home for 12 miles. At Arnold's, Potsie sings a song, "Venus." Richie announces that they are at the seven-hour mark. Fonzie and Bubba exchange some insults and bet $10 on who will last the longest. Jill requests a challenge dance: the jitterbug (to the song "Rockin' Robin"). Four more teams drop out, and six couples remain. After a two-minute break, Ralph sings a waltz, and Potsie plays the piano. A new bet is made: if Jill and Bubba win, Fonzie gets a crewcut; if Joanie and Fonzie win, Joanie becomes a pom-pom girl. Another couple drops out, and only the two rival couples remain. During another break, at the 14th hour, Fonzie wants to quit, but Joanie talks him out of it. Howard tells Joanie what Fonzie did to get to the dance on time. Joanie offers to quit, but Fonzie continues after being reminded about the crewcut. Fonzie requests a challenge dance: the Kasatsky. Fonzie and Joanie finally win the marathon. Fonzie gives an acceptance speech before he is carried off on a stretcher. Jimmy offers to walk Joanie home.

Songs in this episode:
"Yakety Yak" by The Coasters (1957)
"Cry" by Johnnie Ray (1951)
"Venus" (played by the band) by Frankie Avalon (1959)
an unknown instrumental (played by the band)
"Rockin' Robin" (played by the band) by Bobby Day (1958)
"The Anniversary Song" (played by the band) by Al Jolsen (1946)
an unknown instrumental (played by the band)
"Camptown Races" instrumental (played by the band) "Hava Nagila" instrumental (played by the band)