Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 13

They're Closing Inspiration Point

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Arnold's, Richie brings in the next day's Milwaukee Journal to show Potsie, Ralph, and Chachi. Richie says they are working on an expressway and are planning an off-ramp at the end of East Boulevard. The off-ramp will go right through Inspiration Point. Al asks them what all of the excitement is about. Al sees the expressway as a plus for his business until he learns that it will go right through Inspiration Point. Some girls and Fonzie carry in a drum and "Save Inspiration Point!" signs. Fonzie says that they are going after the head guy in charge of the plan: Howard Cunningham. Howard is the leader of the East Boulevard Business Association. Richie can't believe that it is his dad. Joanie and Richie talk at the house. Howard and Marion return with some groceries. Howard says he did know about the off-ramp going through Inspiration Point. He asks them why they didn't show up at the Planning Commission hearings. He says he also told them about the off-ramp at dinner one night. He says that the off-ramp will mean a 5.3% increase in traffic in the business district of East Boulevard. Everyone turns their backs to Howard. Howard says the bulldozers start that day. Fonzie also shows up to plead with Howard. Fonzie sets up a plan and tells Richie to go to the Planning Commission meeting going on at that moment, Joanie to get on the phone to get an army together, and Marion to hold the fort. Marion tells Howard to make his own lunch. Richie gives a speech at the meeting. A construction worker enters and says that the bulldozers have been shut down because some ding-a-ling chained himself to a tree. It is Fonzie. At Arnold's, Richie, Lori Beth, Al, Joanie, Ralph, and Potsie work on their campaign against the construction. Joanie is collecting signatures and Potsie and Ralph are painting signs. Fonzie comes in with cement blocks on his feet. He tells Richie what happened. In a scene cut from the syndicated version, there is a protest outside the Cunningham house, and Chachi uses a megaphone to shout "fight for the right to wu and ku." Howard and Marion (in a disguise) leave the house. At the Planning Commission meeting, Howard makes his presentation in support of the off-ramp. Joanie does a cheer, and Richie starts presenting their case. The gang acts out a scene set at Inspiration Point in which Ralph and Lori Beth kiss. Howard proposes that they build a club for the kids. Al speaks out for Inspiration Point as a place of romance. Marion also speaks out to save Inspiration Point. Fonzie comes in with a rock (formerly Logan's Boulder) chained to his wrist. Richie calls Howard C. Cunningham to the stand. Howard tells the story about how he and Marion came to buy their house. They drove up to Inspiration Point to talk it over. Howard realizes there are things more dear to him than business. They all decide to save Inspiration Point. At Arnold's, the band plays "Who Put The Bomp." Richie dedicates the song to Howard. Al says Marion's soda and Howard's four sundaes are on the house. Fonzie talks to Howard and Marion before they all leave for Inspiration Point. Songs in this episode: "Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino (1956) replacement instrumental "Who Put The Bomp" (instrumental played by the band) by Barry Mann (1961)