Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 20

Two Angry Men

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fonzie has some pigeons in his apartment, and Ralph and Potsie bring some fence to build a coop on the roof. Fonzie talks about the Marlon Brando film, On the Waterfront, to Richie to explain his reason as to why he wants to raise pigeons. Richie tells him he should talk to Howard first about the idea. There is a pending blizzard. Fonzie names one of the chubby pigeons "Mr. C." Howard returns to the house during the blizzard and hears a loud noise coming from Fonzie's apartment. Richie, Howard, and Marion rush upstairs to find that the roof has caved in due to the blizzard and Fonzie's pigeon house. Howard calls a carpenter, Arnold's cousin, Marvin, and Arnold (as a translator) and Marvin give him an estimate on the roof: $400. Fonzie and Howard argue over who is going to pay for the roof. Howard plans on taking Fonzie to court, but he doesn't want to scar Joanie. He plans on talking to Fonzie, who is staying at the Wiscons Inn, but Potsie brings Howard a summons from Fonzie to appear in court next Tuesday. Fonzie represents himself, and waives his right to an opening statement. Howard is countersuing, and his attorney, Mr. Taylor, gives the opening statement. Fonzie calls Richie as his first witness. Howard questions Richie and then calls Fonzie to the stand. Despite some wooing from Fonzie, the judge finds in favor of Howard for in the amount of $400 because Fonzie misled him about the pigeons. Howard agrees that the roof is old and offers to pay for half. Ralph says he will raise Fonzie's share from the kids for whom he's helped out over the years. Fonzie plans on taking the pigeons home with him that evening (they had come back) after Howard and Marion were watching them, but Howard wants to keep them and get frisky with Marion.
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