Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 7

Vocational Education

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roger, Chachi, Fonzie, Howard, and Marion are at the Cunningham home to hear Roger's announcement. Roger announces that he's going to be the youngest principal in the entire Milwaukee School district. Just when they are about to toast him, Roger tells them that the school is the George S. Patton Vocational High School. The minute everybody hears it, they don't want to toast anymore, and they think that it's a bad idea for Roger to go to such a tough school. Roger and Fonzie start to argue about it, and Howard suggests that they should go celebrate Roger's new job at the Wiki-Wiki Room. Fonzie and Chachi stay a little while longer at the house because Fonzie starts to talk about his feeling that he would have been a better principal at Patton than Roger.

Roger arrives at Patton and notices that somebody has been locked in a locker. A teacher, Freddie Bascomb, comes to let the person out, and the person turns out be another teacher, Mrs. Shellenback. Roger goes to the welding shop where Freddie teaches to give a speech to some of the students. The students don't listen to him, and a student named Roach starts to make fun of Roger.

Roger returns at the end of the day to the Cunninghams with all of his clothes torn. He puts a chair against the door because several students chased him. Later that night Fonzie tells Roger that he's in over his head, but Roger doesn't want to give up.

The next morning, the students are nailing Roger's car's license plate to the principal's office door when Roger comes with his bike and sees what they are doing. He wants the students to give him back his car, but the students start to harass him. Fonzie comes to the rescue, and the students back off. One of the students doesn't know who Fonzie is. Fonzie asks him his name. Fonzie tells the student that he saved his brother's life by not hitting him anymore. The student, now, remembers the Fonz. The students leave. Fonzie gives Roger his car keys back, and tells him that he has fixed the car and has put gas in it. Roger insists on paying Fonzie for the gas, but he finds out that his wallet has been stolen also.

Later, Fonzie brings Roach into Roger's office. Roach gives back Roger his wallet. Roger gives him an offer for a work-study program, but Roach doesn't listen much. He kicks the books that are holding up Roger's desk, and Roger, who is sitting on the desk, falls down. Fonzie tries a different approach. When he sees that Roach is listening, Roger joins in the conversation. Fonzie translates Roger's words into words Roach can understand, and Roach says to Fonzie, "It must be nice to be bilingual." When Roger sees how Fonzie handled the situation, he decides to quit saying that Fonzie should be principal. Fonzie talks him out of it. He says Fonzie only conveyed Roger's ideas to Roach. Roger suggests that Fonzie be the "dean of boys," and Fonzie accepts the job. Fonzie tells Roger to duck, and then a yellow ball flies over him. Fonzie turns to the direction from which the ball was thrown and yells, "girls!"

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