Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 1

Westward Ho (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion and Howard carry some luggage down the stairs. Richie carries down his suitcases and a basketball. Marion says her Uncle Ben is in serious trouble, and they can't miss the train. Howard says they are going to help Ben run the dude ranch. Richie carries down Joanie's camp trunk, but it is staying. Howard tells Fonzie they are going to Colorado to help Ben run his ranch. The whole family is going along with Ralph, Potsie, and Al. Fonzie agrees to go as he has a bike rally in Arizona. Everybody arrives at the ranch in an extended station wagon/limousine vehicle. H. R. Buchanan, Ben's neighbor, greets Howard and everyone at the Bar A Dude Ranch. He says he will throw everyone off the ranch in five days (by noon on Friday) if they can't pay off the note he has on it. Howard says they will have the money in time. H. R. says he has hired all of Ben's wranglers except one ornery one named Thunder. Everybody sees a beautiful blond swimming in the pool. She pushes Ralph in thinking he was with H. R. She says Uncle Ben is laid up with a bad back after a bull threw him off. She identifies herself as Thunder. Al goes to cook some vittles. A bus arrives with guests. Howard and Marion discuss what's ahead of them. On the second day, Richie and Joanie talk about the events that have occurred. Fonzie arrives on his motorcycle accompanied by an Indian guide, Soft Doe, on her horse. Marion and Howard sort reservations. Howard says he's given Ben everything he could, and the rest of his cash is tied up in inventory. Thunder tells everybody about the annual rodeo, and the gang say they'll do it. Al, Potsie, and Ralph bring in a side of beef. Al says he's going to cook it over an open fire. Richie takes some people on a trail ride. Fonzie doesn't want to ride a horse, so he takes some girls on a nature walk. Richie and Thunder talk about an Indian legend at the pond. Joanie rides horses with a local boy named Phil. H. R. comes over to Richie and Thunder to enter some of his boys in the rodeo ($10 per person). H. R. doesn't want to leave. Fonzie comes over, and Richie explains the situation to him. Fonzie gets their horses to leave by snapping his fingers. Richie and Fonzie talk about Thunder, and Fonzie talks to her. She politely blows him off. Later, there is a big square dance. Fonzie asks Thunder to dance, but she stays with Richie. After the dance, Fonzie asks Thunder if they could look at the moon together. She goes with her two favorite fellas: Richie and her horse, Licorice.
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