Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 2

Westward Ho (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard welcomes everyone to the 7th Annual Bar A Rodeo, an event sanctioned by the Colorado County Cattleman's Association which also provided all of the prize money. Marion does some tricks on a dancing horse. Some guys on horses carry in some flags. A chuckwagon (with Richie and Al) then enters the arena, and Howard reads a joke from a list Ralph gave him. Joanie rides into the arena as Annie Oakley. Ralph and Potsie enter as prospectors with Ralph on a burrow named Manhattan. Fonzie rides his motorcycle into the arena. Thunder McCoy does some bronco busting. Some other rodeo scenes are shown including cattle-roping and steer wrestling. Joanie talks to Phil. After he says he likes girl trick-riders, she says she is entering the trick-riding contest. Ralph practices bronco busting. Howard tells everybody about Diablo, and says they are offering $1,000 for the first person who can ride the killer bull. Howard introduces Billy Jenkins from the Lazy Bar Ranch. Hank Plunkett, from H. R. Buchanan's ranch, rides Diablo. He needs to stay on for eight seconds for the $1,000, but he only stays on for one second. Joanie does some amazing trick riding. H. R. talks to Howard and Marion and says he'll be running the rodeo next year. Some more rodeo scenes are shown as Potsie sings "Rodeo Cowboy." Thunder competes in the final event of the day, calf roping, and finishes in 10 1/2 seconds. The official judges pick Thunder McCoy as the overall winner. Al is still cooking the side of beef. He says it should be ready the next night. He prepares dinner, and Richie tries to sugar-coat the fact that they will be having beans again. Marion says they will still be $1,200-1,300 short when the note becomes due. Phil gives Joanie a flower. H. R. drives up in his car to remind everyone that there are only 24 hours left before he throws them off the ranch. H. R. throws a firecracker, and it sends a wagon with horses and Joanie in the wagon down the road. Thunder (on her horse, Licorice) and Richie and Fonzie (on Fonzie's motorcycle) try and chase them down. Joanie can't reach the reigns, and Fonzie and Richie jump a ditch as they try to get beside the wagon.
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