Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 3

Westward Ho (3)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Al recaps the previous parts of this episode by writing to his mother. Fonzie and Richie crash after not making the jump, and the horses pulling the wagon containing Joanie continue on down the road. After Fonzie and Richie get going again and catch back up to Joanie, Richie jumps from the motorcycle onto the wagon. He jumps down between the horses and gets them to stop. Thunder catches up on her horse. Thunder, Joanie, and Richie ride back on the wagon as Thunder's horse follows. With Richie receiving the praise for saving Joanie, Fonzie is left alone and says nobody wants to listen to him. Richie, the hero, makes a speech at the dining hall before everyone and thanks Fonzie. Howard and Marion go to the pond where there is an Indian legend. They both hear crying, but Marion says it is just the wind. Richie and Fonzie talk about Thunder once again. Richie talks to Thunder the next morning and says they met too late. He tells her about Lori Beth back in Milwaukee. Thunder tells Richie that she likes Fonzie. Marion says the ranch is lost as they are short $1,017.38. Fonzie says he will ride Diablo for the $1,000. Joanie tells everyone that Fonzie is going to ride the bull. Richie tries to talk Fonzie out of doing it. H. R. says the offer to ride Diablo was only good during the rodeo, but he extends the deadline when he learns Fonzie is the one wanting to try. Howard gives H. R. all the money they've raised so far. Thunder begs Fonzie not to ride him, and she gives him her scarf. Fonzie successfully rides Diablo for eight seconds and then jumps in a barrel to avoid the charging bull. Richie plays matador and coaxes the bull out of the ring and back into a holding pen. Howard gives H. R. a certified check for $1,000 as everyone gathers the rest of the money ($17.38) in bills and change. Ralph and Potsie have left H. R.'s car in the ring with Diablo. Potsie sings a song as everyone says goodbye. Fonzie, Thunder, and Richie take one final ride on their horses. Back at the Cunningham house, Marion reads a letter from Uncle Ben. Howard asks everyone to help clean the garage, but they all run out on him with other things to do.