Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 3

Where the Guys Are

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie, Howard, and Marion are trying to decide where to go on their holiday. Chachi, Roger, and Potsie come in through the kitchen door, and they're being chased by Fonzie who wants to play more basketball. Chachi asks Fonzie to stop it. Fonzie leaves to lift weights. Joanie says that Fonzie is acting the way he is because he and Ashley broke up. Howard says that Fonzie should be taken somewhere where he can relax. Potsie says that he is going to a singles resort to Lake Whitefish. Chachi proposes that he, Potsie, and Roger go to the lake with Fonzie. Fonzie comes back in, and Chachi asks if he would go to Lake Whitefish for a "sports" weekend. Fonzie agrees.

The boys are at Lake Whitefish. Chachi and Potsie are looking around, and all they see are girls. Roger brings a blind-folded Fonzie, who is wearing boxing gloves, over to Chachi and Potsie. Potsie takes the blindfold off. Fonzie looks around and sees the girls. Potsie says that it was his idea. The minute he says that, Fonzie grabs him by the throat. Chachi cools Fonzie down and says that they did it only because they are worried about him. Fonzie says that he is leaving as soon as he has done 200 sit-ups. Chachi, Potsie, and Roger are also thinking about leaving, but, when a few girls walk in front of them, they decide to stay.

Later that night, Chachi comes to their room with a girl. Chachi is pretending to be a congressman. Potsie arrives at the room with a girl of his own, and he pretends to be a doctor. Chachi tells Potsie that the room is occupied. Roger, then, comes in with a girl and pretends that he has only three months to live. Chachi asks the girls to go to the bathroom to "freshen up" while the guys sort this out. Chachi, Potsie, and Roger start to argue when the bathroom door opens. One of the girls says that there is a strange man doing chin-ups on the shower bar. Fonzie comes out of the bathroom. The girls go back in the bathroom. Fonzie decides to stay in the room, but the guys aren't too happy about it. Potsie says that they're going to have to kill him.

In the next scene, Chachi and Roger are trapped in a folding bed, Potsie has his neck trapped between a barbell and the table, and Fonzie is standing in the middle of the room. Potsie says that they didn't mean it personally when they said they were going to kill him. Fonzie lets Chachi and Roger out the bed and lifts the bar off of Potsie's neck. The girls come out of the bathroom. One of the girls proposes that they all go to a sauna. Chachi, Potsie, Roger, and the girls leave while Fonzie stays in the room.

The boys take all of their clothes off and go into the sauna.

Later on, the girls lock them in and steal their wallets. Fonzie is walking by himself and comes to the area where the sauna is. The guys try to signal Fonzie to let them out, but Fonzie doesn't understand them and covers the window so he doesn't have to look at their faces. He goes to talk with a girl who is reading a book nearby. The girl tells Fonzie that she also didn't want to come to this place. Fonzie and Barbara talk about things, and Fonzie starts to talk about Ashley and Heather. Fonzie tells Barbara how he backed off when Ashley's ex came back, and he saw the way Heather looked at her father. Fonzie thought that ending the relationship was the right thing to do. Barbara asks Fonzie to read her a chapter from the book that she is reading.

It's the next morning, and Fonzie lets the guys out of the sauna. He gives them their wallets back and says that the girls robbed nine other guys, as well. Roger says they were wrong for tricking Fonzie into coming to the resort.

Back home, Joanie, Howard, and Marion are practicing Swedish. Howard doesn't want to practice, so Marion tells him something in Swedish. Howard asks Joanie what she said, and Joanie translates it to "Big fat railroad ticket."