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Well, we can't exactly call this unexpected news. After months of assuming Happy Endings would be canceled, and then after it was canceled by ABC but we all hoped that maybe a different network would pick it up, we now know that Happy Endings is OFFICIALLY officially canceled. Deadline reports that after weeks of trying to find a new home for the show, Sony TV has given up, and the cast's contracts expire this weekend.

After the show's axing at the hands of ABC, there was word that the comedy might be shipped off to a cable network like USA (which showed initial interest), TBS, or TNT. But USA passed, and no other networks stepped in to pick it up. Crazy speculation: The lack of a big-name star didn't help, as Courteney Cox's name being attached to Cougar Town did when Cougar Town moved to TBS.

It's a shame, because anyone with a funny bone knows that Happy Endings was the funniest Friends-ripoff-inspired comedy since Ross and Rachel got married. If you're looking for someone to blame, you can point your fingers at ABC for its lousy scheduling and marketing of Happy Endings. But really the bastards who got this show canceled were the people of America! Screw you, people of America!

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