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ABC (ended 2013)
You know what really grinds my gears. Is that ABC doesn't have the decency to give Happy Endings a proper send off. Yes cancelling it was one thing, but then to not even put out a proper Season 3 DVD is just absurd. You know what they give us, THIS! Happy Endings Season 3 DVD A DVD-R!! A burnt season of it. No special features or nothing. It's like something you would get from a hobo on the side of the street selling bootleg copys of it. Then they want to charge you more then 40 bucks for it!?!?! I write this to all Happy Endings fans that I wish something could be done about this. Maybe a bunch of letters to ABC offices. I just find it dumb that we have to settle with this crap. I mean the cast & crew put their hard work into this and ABC says "F U". I feel going full blast on ABC Executives like Max & Dave went on that Pinata! WHO'S WITH ME!! FEEL THE WRATH OF MAX BLOOM!!!

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