Happy Endings

Season 2 Episode 21

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • Four Weddings

    I don't know why the show needed to tease Penny and Dave, but if you take that CW-style drama out of it this was a fairly solid finale.
  • GREAT season finale!

    LOVED THE FINALE SCENE! with Max singing, Brad dancing and the scene with Dave and Alex when Dave reached for her had to hold :')
  • 4 Weddings, 1 Funeral (-3 Weddings, 1 Funeral)

    It's been a year since my infamous review of this show saying how awful and plain it was. Just penned it as "another show about couples." After a whole season of great comedy, 'Happy Endings' has definitely proved me wrong. Maybe I wasn't wrong at the time, maybe this show just wasn't that great coming out of the gate but now it has vastly improved in so many aspects.

    The show became less about "couples" and more about friends. Although this formula is done and done again due to the success of it in the 90s (Friends, Seinfeld), Happy Endings managed to pull it off.

    Explaining the show to someone I said, "Think The Office/Community's witty dry humor mixed with the warmth and close-knitted relationships of Friends & How I Met Your Mother)"

    Maybe it's a bit of a stretch to call this show amazing but right now it's definitely at it's peak. Don't know about the new love triangle though. I think they should stick with everyone being friends instead of starting to hook everyone up. Sometimes friends should stay friends, it makes for better comedy and more intriguing characters.

    Looking forward to next season.
  • A great season finale to a great show

    This episode reminded me of the show Friends. Not because there is six friends (3 guys and 3 girls), but because of the relationship between Alex and Dave. They dated before and broke up and it wasn't pretty. But they soon became good friends again and now, might start dating again. (Ross and Rachel anyone?) The thing is, this happened in season two of Happy Endings, not in the final.

    The show was also brilliantly hilarious as well. (The Skype table!) Not to mention heartwarming and story driven. The show never has a dull moment. Can't wait (and there better be!) for season 3!