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  • Mr. & Mrs. C

    My hudband & I loved this show! So disappointing seems most shows we enjoy get cxl'd. We'll miss you guys!
  • AMAAAzing

    This show is the best show since Friends. I love the humor, the small remarks you didn't expect and the caracters! I really hope you'd run this show for a long time :)
  • why ABC

    i love jane character , i miss her already :(

    so sad for this news :(
  • Some TV station: Pick this show the H*ll up !!!

    This show is hilarious. The characters are fun and weirdly different. Even people in Denmark watch this show?!

    And get us some Dave/Penny action, that'd be fun! Jane and brad, maybe they could get preggers.. Max could continue to live his life as a near-outlaw modern day badass. Maybe Alex needs more pets in her life named Tyler?

    Happy Endings is not done yet... Come on...
  • Fun but something's lacking

    Although this show has made me laugh many times, it's lacking just about anything else a good sitcom needs. The characters have no depth - I don't care about any of them. If the writers decided to kill one off, it wouldn't be sad at all. They all have their characteristic - the girl who can't stick with a guy for more than 2 days, the gay guy, the control freak etc. - and that's all they are. They don't grow, they don't change, their personalities rarely even influence the story - they're just used for laughs.

    Finally, what's the point of the initial wedding scene? It barely influences the story at all past the first few episodes. If the first scene of your TV show is going to be a guy being left at the altar, make the show about the repercussions of this. Instead, Alex and Dave are pretty much fine again after 2 episodes, apart from very occasional jokes and brief references to the event.

    Gets a 7 because it IS genuinely very funny.
  • PERFECT!!!!

    It's a new, refreshing FRIENDS!!! The slight alterations in the characters makes it AMAZING and HILARIOUS.
  • am-A-zing!

    Love this show! simply the highlight of my week! my world literally became a mass of black n white ennui when the show went on that month long-ish they hit me with two episodes every friday night! TWO EPISODES!! im on cloud 9............ cant even pick out a fave character but if were to, it'll have to be between Dave n THIS!!!!
  • Should be on at a later time

    This show is way too raunchy for 8 o'clock. Personally, I can't stand the incessant babbling of the characters and find the "ba dum bum" after jokes to be annoying, so I stopped watching. I know I'm getting old but it sounds like these people are saying "bladabladabladablada" - speak coherently please.
  • One of the few shows that actually makes me LOL

    This is probably one of two or three shows that actually makes me laugh out loud. I watched the Halloween episode on a plane and couldn't stop laughing when I saw Max and Penny's costume. I think the people around me thought I was nuts. But that's how funny and clever this show is. Kudos to Damon Wayans Jr. and Casey Wilson - my favorites.
  • Need of a "HAPPY ENDING"

    Where the HELL is my "Happy Endings"? ABC please stop playing around with the fans of this hilariouslly funny sitsom with some of the best uprising stars of comedy. I mean, you have the son of a comdic legend in Damon Wayans, Jr. I have not missed an episode of this show since the pilot. I am from Chicago and to have a show representing one of the greatest places on earth, and our beloved BEARS (saw the episode with Lance Briggs, Ahaymazzingly Awzummmm!) with all the drama lately (gun violence) it was an outlet to bring humor back into our lives. So there you have it, one wish from a fan who is a lone voice among millions who would love to have our "HAPPY ENDINGS. BRING THEM BACK, and real soon!
  • Happy and positive charge for the day

    Great show with quirky and just overall positive jokes and in my opinion well acted cast!
  • good comedy screwed by irregular airings

    Agree with a lot of others here. Quirky humour done well. One of those shows that is funny because of the jokes and situations the characters are put in as well as making you look at your own friends and think thats what we would be like... Hope it gets another season. Its dodged 2 bullets so far. My fingers are crossed but the way abc dicks around with the schedule makes me think they don't want it to carry on.
  • One of the Best Comedies on TV

    Happy Endings is a great show about six friends dealing with post marriage breakup. The show is funny and amazing with great ensemble of talented actors.
  • Love it

    Love this show, especially Max and all his hi-jinks, but all the characters really click together. Dave and Alex are hilarious together. But its not been aired properly since it came on air, i think its been aired on 4 different days at different time slots, no wonder the ratings aren't there. ABC is screwing it over. Will we see another series?
  • WTF ABC!?!?

    Happy endings has not aired an Ep since Jan 29th with none projected thru late

    February. So much for doubling up!
  • i love this show

  • A clever title goes here!

    At first time i wanted to see because of Max, but now i love them all
  • This show takes relationship dynamics to a whole new level

    When I first read the plot outline for this show I wasn't so impressed, I didn't really feel like watching a couple struggle to stay friends post-break up. But then I eventually gave it a try and it was aamasing (people watching the show will know).

    The best part of this show is the relationship dynamic between the main charachters, and above it all is the couple Brad and Jane that I found hillarious. They are so alike and they celebrate everyting. For example when their cleaning lady gets laid after being on a dry streak they get happy and kiss and cheer about it. It makes me happy to watch!
  • Probabaly one of the best comedy shows on tv now!!!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS so happy that Happy Endings got renewed!!! :D

    woooop woooop!

    otherwise I would have been very pissed at ABC!
  • Hair Problems

    I love the show - hilarious! Another poster complained about Dave's hair and I have to say, the show does have a hair issue. Penny's hair line gets lower and lower every episode. Please, someone give her bangs, pull her hair back, or part it on the side. Parting her hair in the middle is taking over her entire face.

    I know I made fun of your hair, but please come back next season. PLEASE!
  • Probably one of the best comedies on TV right now

    Happy Endings is probably one of the best comedies on TV right now (which is saying a lot in times of other amazing shows such as Parks and Recreation, Modern Family and Community). What sets this show apart though is how consistently good spirited and light hearted it is. It takes the "6 friends managing life in a big city" cliche and spins it around, and more than that , it's able to poke fun at itself, something that's always nice to see when done right. With a great cast and characters we deeply care about Happy Endings is constantly improving and hopefully will stick around for quite some time.
  • Dave's dirty hair

    I love the show but what gives with Dave's (the male lead) dirty hair. It's disgusting every episode except when he had the perm. I love the show but his hair bothers me alot and he's a goodlooking guy. I don't get it. Can someone tell him to wash his hair. Thanks.
  • this show is about 6 friends who try and live life.


    the acting is decent b/c zachary knighton,elisha cuthbert,eliza soupe,damons wayans jr.,adam palley,and casey wilson have great chemsitry with another.

    this show has been compared to friends and i will agree with that.

    the thing this show has that friends dont have is the jokes,sure friends jokes where good but u could see them coming.on this show u cant tell when the joke coming so when it does happen the joke is more funnier than the jokes on friends.

    i also like the fact this show dont have ppl laughing in the background like most comedies.

    i think the thing i hate is the fact the writers seem like they dont know where they want this characters to go.they dont have anything going on like the storyarchs of friends had.

    so the acting is good,the cast are great,and the jokes are funnnier and theyre no ppl laughing in the background which is re-frehsing to see on a comedy..

    the only thing i hate is the fact the writers dont know what to do with the character yet.

    but its a good show:) even tho friends is better.

    i still say give this show a shot.u maybe surprise at how much u like it..

  • I watched this show primarily because I was curious when an article likened it to Friends, and I can see the resemblance. It definitely stands on it's own though.


    The altar couple (Alex and Dave) is our Rachel and Ross. Brad and Jane play out Chandler and Phoebe. Max plays Joey sarcastic and gay, while Penny plays Phoebe.

    Alex and Dave are not annoying like Rachel and Ross, but instead are two friends with strong feelings for each other who just went through something heavy and are coping with just being friends. No heavy will they/won't they but a hint of a maybe which is just enough.

    Max is the gay friend who is the anti-stereotype of Hollywood gay. Which is very refreshing. He will get the crazy ideas if nothing is happening, and otherwise he'll stand ready with a punchline in the background. Like Joey he won't keep a show standing on his own, but within thegroup he is a perfect character.

    Brad and Jane are my new favorite tv couple. They are already married at the start of the show, so they are a source of comfort and stability sorely needed on a show that opens with a cancelled wedding. The similarities with Chandler and Monica are strong. She is insane about the little things, crazy competitive and the sister of Alex. Brad is the funny happy go-lucky guy in the relationship. He doesn't really tries to restrain his wife from going crazy, but stands by her while offering advice. Unless he joins her in the crazy. They are on an even footing, already comfortable in their relationship.

    Penny is a bit insecure and focused for the most part on her dating life. Her insecurities come out when she tries to present herself as not pathetic and winds up in crazy situations. She's one of the funniest characters. Every situation is like a trainwreck that she herself can see coming, but she goes ahead anyway.

    Put together these characters all work great. You really get the feel of a casual 'at ease' group with a long history.

    The show moves at various paces. Sometimes a joke will get a few seconds to make it sink in, while at other times jokes will follow each other quickly. It's really nice not to now how a joke is going to be presented. It keeps you on your toes. This is possible because there's no laughtrack. I despise laughtracks in comedies, it means the jokes can't stand on their own and you have to wait for the laughter to die down before the story continues.

    In conclusion; I hope this show will last for a long while.

  • A fresh new comedy, with a really funny ensemble of characters.

    I love this new show, and am glad to see it returning this fall for a second season. There aren't enough scripted comedies that actually make me laugh these days like this one has. It isn't an original idea, but the comedy and charaters definitely make up for that. The charaters are all funny, likeable, and believable. As a native from Chicago, I feel it does catch the spirit of the city. My favorite episodes from this season are "Dave of the Dead." and "Your Couples Friends and Neighbors." If you like slapstick and silly sitcoms this is definitely one to start watching.
  • Familiar format, original humor.

    Looks generic in description, but the characters and humor are so original and modern. As a 29-year-old, this show especially speaks to me. While some of the situations may be outlandish, the way in which the characters handle them reminds me very much of my friends and I. It's one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Even my boyfriend who actively avoids taking on new shows to watch has declared that this is now one of his top favorites. In any case, I think this easily wins "Best New Comedy of the Season." I hope this show will stick around for awhile.
  • Hilarious, quirky, silly - everything a great comedy needs.

    I am really glad ABC picked up this show, after trying to revive Scrubs and eventually ending it I was starting to think ABC didn't have what it took to do comedy. But after watching Cougar Town and Modern Family, I saw this show being advertised. It reminded me of Scrubs and Cougar Town, so I gave it a chance. I am extremely pleased with the writing and the characters they picked. I love Eliza Coupe from Scrubs. I like her even better here than in Scrubs. She is a little less angry, lol. But this show has it's own quirks and silliness. The dynamic between the characters is great, each character has their own part and none drag any others down. WATCH IT, LAUGH AT IT, LOVE IT!!
  • Finally a fresh, original comedy!

    Happy Endings is like a blessing for me. I've been waiting this season for a good comedy and I found it in this show. The plots are typical for a comedy, but it's like there is something new added to the mix. The characters are just awesome! I've never thought that I'll like so much a gay character on TV (I don't mean anything offensive, it's just like if you've seen one, you've seen them all) but Max is wonderful! Everyone of the characters has something that no character ever quite just have it. All of them click with each other. I am really hoping that Happy Endings will get a second season, because it deserves it. I've been fooled from the review - it seemed something boring, and unoriginal, but you should definitely give it a chance because the show is really, really good
  • This show could not be more generic and safe.

    This show is extremely generic. White cast, save for the token black man? Check. Straight cast, save for the token gay man (but don't worry - no lesbians!)? Check. Fat jokes directed at the thin character with 5 lbs more than then rest? Check. The cast members have no real personalities. They are simply the stereotypes of characters. The women who's psychotically insecure about her age, is willing to lie about who she is to get a date, and only likes shoes, farmers markets, bashing on sports, and brunch; the "chubby" gay man who chases closeted gay or confused straight men but isn't too effeminate, lest it make viewers uncomfortable; the controlling wife and the whipped husband; and of course, the ones with the least personality, the dumper and the dumpee.

    The acting is bad; the writing is worse. It's all about the "rules" of dating, as an older generation views a younger generation - I know no actual people who date like this, think like this, or talk like this. When Alex dumped Dave at the alter, she seemed to have no internal conflict, but rather just shrug and go "ok". Dave then proceeded to look more like someone had run away with his ice cream than his love and future. By the end of the pilot, the couple had made up enough to be together in the same room and as friends, very unrealistically. The show seems more about the pair (and in fact, the whole group) trading catty insults and barbs than actual strife, angst, and bonds. There isn't an original joke to be found, and after the first couple of episodes, the whole "after she left him at the alter" plot line gets dropped, and it's more just a bunch of friends. In short, many shows are generic and stereotypical, but this show goes above and beyond in attempting to never, ever take a risk and offend a single viewer. And in doing so, they've offended many.
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