Happy Endings

ABC (ended 2013)





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  • Fun but something's lacking

    Although this show has made me laugh many times, it's lacking just about anything else a good sitcom needs. The characters have no depth - I don't care about any of them. If the writers decided to kill one off, it wouldn't be sad at all. They all have their characteristic - the girl who can't stick with a guy for more than 2 days, the gay guy, the control freak etc. - and that's all they are. They don't grow, they don't change, their personalities rarely even influence the story - they're just used for laughs.

    Finally, what's the point of the initial wedding scene? It barely influences the story at all past the first few episodes. If the first scene of your TV show is going to be a guy being left at the altar, make the show about the repercussions of this. Instead, Alex and Dave are pretty much fine again after 2 episodes, apart from very occasional jokes and brief references to the event.

    Gets a 7 because it IS genuinely very funny.