Happy Endings - Season 2

ABC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • 2/22/12

    Who needs a groundhog! Brad and Jane's yearly argument gone wild lets the gang know that the end of winter is near.

  • 2/15/12

    Dave's not as captivated with Max's new boyfriend like everyone else, so he sets out to prove he's more awesome than Grant.

  • 2/8/12

    As far as romance, nothing goes as intended for the gang on Valentine's Day.

  • Penny starts dating Dave's shrink. Jane and Max's fight over who owns a sweater leads to another strange competition, this one involving vanity and ugly outfits. Jane wants Brad and Alex to bond which is tricky, until they discover their shared love of romantic comedies.

  • Cocktails & Dreams
    Episode 16

    Dave's new liquor license brings in lots of new business to the "Steak Me Home Tonight" truck but his friends are avoiding him. He thinks they're jealous of his success but it's really all about the effects of his new signature drink.

  • Full Court Dress
    Episode 8

    Alex designs a dress for Jane to wear to her charity event while Penny helps out Max with babysitting duties. Dave and Brad decide to strike up a friendship with their odd mailman.

  • Makin' Changes!
    Episode 12

    Jane persuades Penny to change her dates to how she wants them to be rather than the other way around. But when Brad hears Jane boasting to Penny how she made over Brad after they met, he rebels. Alex and Max are convinced an in-T-vention is needed to break Dave's obsession with v-necked T-shirts.

  • Party of Six
    Episode 18

    Penny's birthday celebrations are always disastrous for everyone. This year the gang is determined to find a restaurant that will break the curse so Penny can enjoy her special day.

  • The Code War
    Episode 7

    Max's high school girlfriend, Angie, is back in town and each of the gang has a different reaction after meeting her. But Max declares a "code war" when Dave starts dating Angie. Jane decides to get a "work husband" after she discovers that Brad has a "work wife".

  • Big White Lies
    Episode 20

    Penny's white lie to an annoying childhood friend rapidly grows out of control with the whole gang getting caught up in the lie. Max and Dave's landlord wants to evict them but that's before he falls hard for Alex.

  • The Kerkovich Way
    Episode 17

    Alex teams up with Jane to convince Dave that something he's certain happened never did. Penny and Max are determined to finally beat Julie and Justin in the annual Rosalita's Run and Scavenger Hunt.

  • It's another wedding for the gang. Derrick and Eric are getting married but the big question looming is whether there will be, as Derrick likes to say, "DRAMA". Brad has something important to tell Jane but she's busy helping Eric with reception details. Max tries to work up the nerve to perform with his old band. And Penny is again all alone at a wedding until she meets a guy via Skype.

  • 3/21/12

    Former bully Alex teaches Dave how to fight back against the bully at the gym. Jane's controlling ways as president of the condo association have the other residents fed up and challenging her for the job. But Penny's advise to Jane produces unexpected results.

  • Blax, Snake, Home
    Episode 1

    Jane urges Alex and Dave to come clean with each other since it's the first anniversary of their almost-marriage. Penny buys an "amah-zing" condo which she feels will turn her life around.

  • Meet the Parrots
    Episode 11

    Big Dave comes for a visit to show off his new girlfriend, who it turns out is Penny's mother. Penny's thrilled but Dave reacts differently. Alex adopts a parrot whose nonstop verbal rhetoric is not so charming. Brad and Max are enlisted by Alex who thinks the Chinese restaurant next door is really a house of prostitution.

  • Grinches Be Crazy
    Episode 9

    Penny's charity event has Max playing Santa. When Jane accidentally gives the housekeeper the wrong envelope of money – the one Brad filled with cash for their holiday getaway to the islands – she must come up with a way to get it back.

  • Baby Steps
    Episode 2

    Teen girls have made Alex's store their new hangout all because of Alex's "Put Me to Bed" t-shirts for babies. Jane goes into search mode when she thinks that an egg she donated back in college may have resulted in a now 11-year old girl.

  • Lying Around
    Episode 6

    Brad plans to skip out for a "staycation" when Jane's old sorority sister comes for a visit. Alex hooks up with new guy, but his dates are over-the -top. Max and Dave shoot a commercial for the "Steak Me Home Tonight" truck.

  • Yesandwitch
    Episode 3

    Penny's mom who's always enthusiastic and confident about the future is in town. The gang finds her high spirits contagious but Penny finds out things aren't as rosy as mom is making them out to be.

  • Secrets and Limos
    Episode 4

    Jane decides everyone should make a vision board so they can all achieve their dreams. Brad finds it hard to relate to his stern boss until the guy sees Max's limo. Dave is hesitant for the gang to meet his new girlfriend.

  • Spooky Endings
    Episode 5

    The gang heads to a Halloween costume party while Jane and Brad head to the suburbs after agreeing to house sit for friends.