Happy Endings

Season 2 Episode 5

Spooky Endings

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2011 on ABC

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  • Penny and Max steal the show

    2011 was a year of rom-com sit-coms (God knows why). Every network joined the race to put up a poorly written romantic comedy-ish TV shows for viewers to fall asleep to. NBC gave us the most number of i-dont-know-why-i-am-watching-this shows; Love Bites (ended), Friends with Benefits (ended), Perfect Couples(ended, i hope!), Free Agents(cancelled after 3 episodes[this was truly woeful]). Then there was Mad Love (How I Met Your Mother lite) from CBS, which also didn't last very long. Only two rom-com-ish shows managed to perform well in my opinion; Zooey Deschanel and Happy Endings. By Zooey Deschanel I mean New Girl from FOX, which is tailor-made for Zooey. It's getting half decent review/ratings because of the 'cute' factor of Zooey. Happy Endings, for me has been the stand out comedy in this period. Now well into its 2nd season, it copied the extremely over used formula of 3 guys 3 girls. It also checked the 'diversity' column in its characters by having an African American and a homosexual character (Fortunately, no Asian, 'cause that would've been a bit too clichd). But that is where all the clichs end for Happy Endings. It is very well written with at least two very laughter-inducing characters. Penny and Max are the two characters keeping the ratings high for this show. Max plays the gay guy in this, who is ironically anything but a typical homosexual. Penny, on the other hand, relies on some decent writing with some ironic/sarcastic/mocking catch phrases. The African American character is played by one of the Wayans brothers/sons. (No, I'm not racist 'cause I think all A-A's look alike, it's just that there are just too many of them Wayans brothers and I dont remember their names). And then there is Elisha Cuthbert, of the Girl Next Door fame. (Yes, I started watching the show for her). The show overall, has been a breath of fresh air after the stink-fest that were the never ending rom-coms. One of my favorite episode was the Halloween episode in 2nd season. Two of the more appreciated character of Max and Penny put on a hilarious mother and baby costume and delivered quite a few laughs.

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