Happy Endings

Season 1 Episode 12

The Shershow Redemption

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 25, 2011 on ABC

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  • The Shershow Redemption

    Not a terrible episode, but the problem was it just felt into way too many sitcom cliches. Penny deserves better than Andy Dick on Newsradio falling over humor too.
  • Just when you think you're done with will-they-or-wont-they-couples, you find yourself wondering yet again.

    It's no secret that Happy Endings is my new favorite show. It's absolutely hilarious and manages to make me laugh out loud like Modern Family did last year. It's not as brilliant as Friends (but then again, nothing is) but it comes pretty darn close. The group dynamic for one is wonderful and very entertaining to look at. All six characters are exceptional enough to be interesting but normal enough to want them in your living room. I might still have trouble remembering all of their names but that will come in time.
    The finale launches us right back at another wedding and for a second there, it even looks like it will end the same. But this wedding isn't so much about the main couple, Alex and Dave. For a couple of episodes I've tried to not want them together because it seems so obvious that they are the on-the-edge-of-your-seat couple of the show. Yet here I am, seeing Alex standing in front of a door with some trashy dumb twit opening it explaining she's standing in between her and Dave. The truth might be a little more complicated but this is how it felt. I really want these two to work it out and I really want Penny to be less funny because I might choke myself to death while laughing. There's nothing wrong with Happy Ending except that now I will have to miss it an entire summer. Truly entertaining.
  • Season finale

    I just have on question: How did this show ever get picked up? Honestly, is ABC for real? They cancel Better with You, and then they but this diluted version of it on air. That's just ridiculous.

    After watching the finale, I was ready to write a scathing review about it, but as I began to reflect, I realized, in retrospect, it wasn't that bad. We got a few moments that were entertaining.

    The interactions were definitely better in this episode, but that still doesn't dismiss the fact that this is a bad show. I'm honestly astonished it got picked up, and I really don't know why anyone watches. Both times I've watched this, I came across it accidentally. And both times, I really wish I hadn't.