Happy Endings

Season 1 Episode 10

Bo Fight


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Alex drags Penny out on a series of girls' night outs. Dave convinces Max to help him hunt down the guy who ruined his wedding. Jane and Brad have a night out on the town.
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Nov 08, 2012
This episode, as mentioned, looks like it was aired out of order. I also think episode 3 was in the wrong order as it has Dave working in his truck already. I think there are a few more out of order as well as there are inconsistencies with the way the characters were developing and i'd be interested to see whether the DVDs have the eps in the right order. I'm kinda surprised this got picked up for a 2nd season considering the way they treated it (eps out of order, many eps aired back-to-back, etc). Still a great show though.

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Romantic Comedy