Happy Families - Season 2

BBC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Miss Jump the Jockey: Part Two
    The big race is upon the Jump family - unfortunately the whole family except for Josie and her uncle are due to take part. Josie longs to take part in the race.
  • Miss Jump the Jockey: Part One
    Miss Jump longs to own a horse of her very own so that she can become a talented jockey, just like her parents.
  • Mr. Biff the Boxer: Part Two
    Mr Biff and Bop must each go through special training in order to be ready for their charity boxing match. Will they be ready in time?
  • Mr. Biff the Boxer: Part One
    Mrs Trump organises a boxing match between Mr Biff and Mr Bop in order to raise money for the struggling Old Boxers' Benevolent Fund.
  • Master Money the Millionaire: Part Two
    Mr Creep has a plan to get his hands on Master Money's millions, but as we all know, Mr Creep is not the cleverest of crooks. Will one of his plans finally succeed or are Master Money's millions still safe?
  • Master Money the Millionaire: Part One
    Master Money's millions are safely tucked away in the bank - or are they? Mr Creep has a plan to make himself rich!
  • Miss Brick the Builders' Baby: Part Two
    Mr and Mrs Brick's hopes that a puppy will change her destructive nature are dashed when they find that the combination of Miss Brick plus a dog is far more destructive than Miss Brick alone. Mr Brick is at the end of his tether and considers taking Miss Brick to see Great Uncle Beaux - in Egypt!moreless
  • Miss Brick the Builders' Baby: Part One
    Miss Brick's parents have high hopes for her. They hope that when she is older she will become a wonderful builder! There is only one problem - Miss Brick has a great talent for destruction. Can this be changed?
  • Master Salt the Sailors' Son: Part Two
    Sammy's parents' boat - the Jolly Jack - is on it's way to coconut island, with Sammy stowing away on it. What strange happenings will occur throughout the course of the journey?
  • Master Salt the Sailors' Son: Part One
    Sammy Salt is a very mischievous young Sailors' son. What trouble can he get into when he stows away on his father's boat?
  • Mrs Lather's Laundry: Part Two
    Mrs Lather no longer only washes clothes. She is seeing all manner of dirty things passing through her launderette, including dogs, people and elephants!!
  • Mrs Lather's Laundry: Part One
    Mrs Lather is working very hard this week, as she is seeing a lot of custom passing through the doors of her Launderette.