Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

ABC (Holiday Event 2010)


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  • Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

    The Peanuts gang gets together to ring in this year in this half-hour animated holiday special. Well, I wanted to make this my first review of 2012 but I know I promised Egg_Bomb that I would do the request as my first review of 2012 but that's okay, I still want to review this Charlie Brown special. I thought that it was a very cute special with some funny parts. The special didn't have a lot of Snoopy which disappointed me a little but it was perfect to watch especially on a day like New Years. The parts that did make me laugh was Rerun blowing balloons and they keep turning in the shape of square, Snoopy and Woodstock getting dressed up all fancy, and some more. The part that made me laugh the hardest though was when Snoopy sniffed Lucy's root beer and then Lucy gets angry about it with Charlie telling Snoopy the lesson "Don't go sniffing around people's drinks or else it will gave dog germs on it" (or something like that). I did feel bad for Charlie Brown because he had to read that "War and Peace" book on New Years instead of having fun with his friends and it's too bad that he didn't get to see that red-headed girl and it was also too bad that Charlie earned a D- on his book report. The special was overall cute with some funny parts. Overall, an excellent New Years special of Charlie Brown. 10/10