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In this ABC drama a small town is set on edge by a murder - its first crime in seven years. The focus is on the town's new sheriff Deputy Tommy Conroy. While a mysterious new woman tries to uncover her families secret in Happy Town.

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  • Geoff Stults

    Geoff Stults

    Tommy Conroy

    Robert Wisdom

    Robert Wisdom

    Roger Hobbs

    Jay Paulson

    Jay Paulson

    Eli "Root Beer" Rogers

    Amy Acker

    Amy Acker

    Rachel Conroy

    Sarah Gadon

    Sarah Gadon

    Georgia Bravin

    Lauren German

    Lauren German

    Henley Boone

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    • I thought this show was gonna be similar to Harper's Island when it started, but went downhill.

      I saw the first episode when it first aired and when the sheriff said "Blood has been spilled again". I thought this is gonna be a great murder mystery show where people get offed one by one. But was disappointed when I saw the ratings continue to decline and ABC just cancelled the series altogether. Harper's Island had everything, a killer who stalks his prey and I loved the was people died in each episode. Good cast for Happy Town, but a bad show for the network.moreless
    • More than a good start

      I just watched second episode and it is great as the first one.

      Finally a great mystery show,small town with a dark past that most of people wants to put behind them,a new murder,new resident with secret agenda,it is so Steven King for me.

      Great cast in which Sam Neil is superstar and his character is so mysterious in the beginning of the show that just makes you to watch more to reveal the identity of Magic Man.

      Great beginning,hope they will continue the same way.

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    • Nice little summer show which is what I've learned to classify shows like this since they never come back after a summer.

      Nice little summer show which is what I've learned to classify shows like this since they never come back after a summer. The show was doing a good job of being this generations twin peaks. After a slow start the stories were beautifully complex adding mystery upon mystery each week. The characters were great veterans of small big screen. The story gave wonderful creep factor to my summer programming and the show did it's job of making me want more. Sad we didn't get a resolution to it all but I'd still relive the sadly short lived first season on dvd if given the chance.moreless
    • Happy Town has a great cast, but I have doubts about the writing.

      It's only been three episodes, so there's time for Happy town to grow on me. They have a great cast so I'll keep watching for a while. But they need to get on with the story or I'm out. It's one of my main pet peeves to watch a show every week and never get anywhere with the main plot. That's as bad as two characters who circle a romance and never go for it, or a cast of characters that switch sex partners every week. It reflects a shallow and immature view of the world. If it's a side plot and the weekly main plot gets closure every week then that's alright. But a continuous main plot that never goes anywhere, and every revelation just leads to more questions is just childish. That kind of writing is just narcissism. The writer is just teasing and screwing around with the audience like a cat with a mouse. And sooner rather than later, we'll all just walk away.moreless
    • Although Happy Town has an ensemble of talented actors and actresses it is no Harper's Island.

      When I watched the first episode, i failed to see the appeal that they tried to show. Murder? The Magic Man? New people in town. Hero cop on the rise. Then they totally ruined it for me with the second episode revealing that it wasn't the magic man that killed the guy, it was some fat pizza place owner. A blue room that an old lady guarded with astonishingly annoying way. Not allowed in the third floor? unless you were the devil, that sentence is just useless and downright stupid. I know, I know, it has just been two episodes, I hope it gets better because I like the cast. But for now, the story I give it a 2 but because of the cast I rate this show mediocre at best... FOR NOW.moreless

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