Hard Knocks

Tuesday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Aug 01, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Hard Knocks is a ground breaking sports reality show. HBO takes a behind the scenes look at training camp in the NFL. In a league of secrecy this show can take you places never before scene. The show is taped weekly & airs within days of completion.

    Hard Knocks is a dream come true for any football junkie. Coaches, players, and owners are all scene in different lights. You get to see the struggles that all rookies and veterans must go through in a grueling training camp. The drama that is created when a young rookie finds out he has made the team or a seasoned veteran finds out he is cut, is like no other.

    Hard Knocks has given me a whole new respect for the NFL. This league is filled with coaches to go out of their way to be secretive and deceptive. But Hard Knocks breaks down those walls and shows you what goes into running and making a professional football franchise.

    The amazing production of the show mostly goes unnoticed. HBO is able to film a week of training camp and get it on the air within 1-2 days. And the quality of programming is at the highest levels thanks to the help of NFL films.

    I can't imagine how long this show can go on. I suspect they will run out of teams as they continue. Not to mention the organizations that I'm sure would never allow HBO's camera crews on their practice fields. So this is a show to cherished while it's here.