Hard Knocks

Season 7 Episode 1

Training Camp With the Miami Dolphins #1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2012 on HBO

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  • HBO has this down to a science

    - Eric Steinbach cracked me up, but seeing them cut Derek Dennis was brutal. They do a great job covering the small moments.

    - Lauren Tannehill needs to eat a hamburger.

    - Chad Johnson was pretty funny right off the bat in the coaches only meeting. And he looked like he was backing up all the talk on the field early in the episode

    - Have to love Philbin picking on Vontae Davis on day 1

    - "I thought he threw the ball pretty good today" was a cool, confident quote from Philbin on Tannehill's first day

    - The Les Brown story - TE playing his first year of football since high school - was great! It would really be something if he made the team.

    - Then that Chad Johnson press conference... it's going to be an interesting season

    - Love "People's Choice" as Garrard's nickname for Tannehill. Garrard has to be feeling a lot of pressure.
  • Episode 1

    I am a Patriots fan so I will be rooting for the Dolphins to fail next season, but this was a good start to Hard Knocks. Some really good stories including Chad Johnson's potential rebirth and Derek Dennis getting cut on the first day. Chad had some hilarious lines, but Joe Philbin is a coach looking for respect the right way so him clashing with players will be something to look forward to down the line.

    When the season starts I hope they fail, but this could be a good season of Hard Knocks if the pilot was any indication.