Hard Shine

Thursday 10:30 PM on Premiered Jul 19, 2007 Between Seasons


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Hard Shine
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Jimmy Shine has proven himself as a top hot rod craftsman for ten years at the So-Cal Speed Shop, but it's time to think about passing his skills down to the next generation of automotive artists. Five trainees have five months to prove themselves worth of a full-time gig at the Shop learning Shine's honed skills in this TLC series.
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  • Pale imitation of American Hot Rod

    American Hot Rod went down hill a long time ago and this show is just an AHR wannebe. Only 4 people have even bothered giving this show a vote. I can understand why... watching even 15 minutes of this show was boring.

    The thing that made American Hot Rod good in the beginning was a collection of insane employees and a bearded hippie era egomaniac car builder. It went downhill after they fired all the insane people and the old guy died.

    As for this show the people on it are too normal. Its like going down to you local mechanic and watch them working on your car. I guess if you like working on or building cars, you might like this show, for everyone else? Nope.moreless
  • A show for any guy or gal that likes gears and can appreciate skill and talent.

    This show is great if you like cars and bikes. Jimmy shine has the attitude and the skills to build some awesome projects. It is very entertaining for the gear head in all us guys. I always get a kick out of watching these guys getting paid to do the things the rest of us wish we could get paid for. Jimmy shine does a better job than some of the other shows out there to keep your interest. I think the attitude of Jimmy and the shop will grab your interest and keep you watching. Take a chance if you havent already and check it out.moreless
  • Hard Shine Rocks! I look forward to watching it once a week. I only wish it came on more than once a week. Jimmy Shine is doing a great job training his rookies. Keep up the good work Jimmy. I simply love your show!moreless

    Hard Shine in my opinion is one of the greatest shows out there in its category. Jimmy Shine is very talented in his field of work. He truly wants his rookies to learn, and take pride in their work. He is a serious man, and he definitely wants his rookies to take him seriously. Unlike Sarah, who had issues. Jimmy Shine gave her more chances to prove herself than she deserved. She simply could not get it through her head that he's the boss, and she was there to be taught. I'm just happy she got fired tonight, so I don't have to hear her whining, and complaining anymore. Anyways, the remaining rookies are doing a great job! Keep up the good work men. Good luck to you all. May the best man win! Good job Jimmy Shine! Sincerely, your #1 Fan!moreless
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