Hard Time - Season 6

Tuesday 10:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Feb 23, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Outsiders
    Episode 8
    The largest prison in Georgia known as Jackson absorbs a flood of new inmates, while three prisoners struggle to adapt to the reality of life behind bars.
  • The Convict Cycle
    Episode 7
    Home to 1,500 of the state's roughest convicts, Hays State Prison in the hills of northwest Georgia is a disciplinary camp with closed security. Meet inmates who swear that prison has changed them- some for the better, perhaps, and some for the worse. We'll meet an inmate on his way to completing his sentence who realizes that prison actually changed him into a stronger and better man.moreless
  • Prisoner Protest
    Episode 6
    One of the toughest camps to do time is Georgia- Hays State Prison. Inmates are fed up with their living conditions and have unified to stage a sit-in. Inmates are expected to fulfill prison duties, and their refusal to work is a nonviolent tactic to proclaim their demands such as pay for work, legalized tobacco and sentencing reform. It's intended to be peaceful, but prisoners heavily outnumber officers, who aren't taking any chances. On the eve of the planned protest, Hays State Prison is prepared for the worst with tactical squads in place.moreless
  • Cellphone War
    Episode 5
    Officers are waging a war against a flood of contraband cellphones at Georgia's Smith State Prison, where access to a mobile device means power on the inside and a connection to the outside. We'll join a special group of investigators charged with intercepting cellphones before they enter the prison walls. From basketballs to Astroturf to golf carts -- the inmates will find any way they can to smuggle in the illegal devices, forcing the guards to become equally sly.moreless
  • Gangs vs. God
    Episode 4
    Drugs, crime and violence are among the daily pressures of doing time at Smith State, one of the toughest prisons in Georgia. For many inmates, joining a gang may seem like the only option to survive, but we'll meet some "lifers" who have turned to Islam for protection. They claim they are seeking redemption, but the guards have their suspicions could they actually be using faith to shield their criminal activities inside the prison walls?moreless
  • Women on Lockdown
    Episode 3
    Every female offender in the state begins their Hard Time at Metro State Prison in Atlanta. Meet a variety of inmates, including a straight "A" student turned druggie and murderers serving life terms. Another woman is in jail for life for setting her girlfriend on fire- considered one of the cruelest murders. And, we'll meet one female prisoner who finishes her sentence and prepares to go home while another inmate is transferred to a special segregated facility. Whether in jail for life or short-term, these women have seen and experienced the worst.moreless
  • World Without Men
    Episode 2
    Welcome to Lee Arrendale State Prison, Georgia's largest facility for women. Here, drugs, hustles and illegal sexual relationships make up much of the world behind bars. We'll meet inmates coping with their prison sentence in unusual ways. A female prisoner has taken on a male persona for 10 years as a way to feel protected, powerful and popular. Meanwhile, a prison "handyman" serving time for murder has a steady job, a prison "wife" and the respect of the other inmates. See how these women cope with life in jail and the sometimes strange changes in state of mind they undergo as a way to cope with serving time.moreless
  • Battle Behind Bars
    Episode 1
    Every day is a battle for control among some of the state's toughest inmates at Georgia's Smith State Prison. Tensions build when a cell floods and angry prisoners must evacuate. When an officer is attacked, a huge bloody fight erupts, prompting the prison to go on lockdown while the instigators are taken into custody.moreless