FOX (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Rookie, The Batgirl, the Coach and His Wife
      When Nelson is injured, Lee hires a batgirl as his replacement. Meanwhile, Happy strikes out in the romance field when his third wife files for divorce.
    • See Spot Run
      See Spot Run
      Episode 8
      The team hires a football pro as a publicity stunt, but it turns out he plays better than some of the regular team.
    • My Name is Hard B
      Team mascot Hardball loses his wife to a rival mascot.
    • Lee's Bad, Bad Day
      Lee has her hands full when things go wrong during the annual Old-Timers' Day game.
    • Frank Buys An Island, Mike Pays the Price
      Frank buys his own island, which doesn't go over well with the inhabitants. Meanwhile, Mike's wife discovers he has been making love to her as part of a scheme to improve his batting average.
    • Whose Strike is it Anyway?
      Panicked when the team goes on strike, Arnold agrees to a very, very bad business deal.
    • The Butt Winnick Story
      The guys must play against a team led by Happy's arch-enemy, coach Butt Winnick; and Frank strikes out when he tries to seduce Lee.
    • Mike's Release
      Mike's Release
      Episode 2
      Talbot fires Mike for being out of shape, but has to reconsider when a series of errors results in Mike helping to apprehend a notorious fugitive.
    • Hardball (pilot)
      Hardball (pilot)
      Episode 1
      The Pioneers are a losing baseball team. And to make matters worse, they now have to deal with a new manager - Happy Talbot - who seems anything but "happy" about his new appointment. Happy decides to put pressure on some of the players and targets both wisecracking pitcher Dave Logan, whose losing streak is in direct opposition to his salary, along with catcher Mike Widmar, whose weight is as much a problem as his age. To compound problems for the womanizing Dave, his latest conquest, Jennifer, turns out to be Happy's daughter, a fact that almost gets him fired when their stadium "kiss" is broadcast via the scorecard camera. A secondary plot involves the ditzy new publicist, Lee Emery, and her attempts to introduce a new team mascot. In the end Happy decides to be magnanimous, Dave is inspired by Jennifer to win his first game in months and Lee admits defeat and brings back the team's mascot -- the ever popular "Hardball".moreless
  • Specials