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  • I turn the channel

    Chris Matthews show is all about his firm opinions and he screams throughout his show. If there's a guest that does not join in his diatribe, he cuts them off. I can't stand to listen to him talk let alone care about what he has to say, which is always full of extreme negativity, he's always mad and yelling. I turn the channel and watch anything else.
  • No Impulse Control

    There's little doubt that Chris Matthews is passionate about politics and a devoted student of history; however, his show is unwatchable because he appears to be unable to contain himself both when interviewing guests and while having discussions with his panelists. He seems to think that telling his guests that they are "the best" or "the greatest" makes up for his rudeness and disrespect. It's a shame because if Matthews were able to contain himself long enough to actually let his guests have their say, the show would be greatly improved.
  • Chris Matthews has got to GO

    What is happening at MSNBC - turncoat - personified most pronounced with Chris Matthews. Too much air time for Kellyanne Conway with no real challenge. Talks about a pardon for Hillary - for gods sake why does she need a pardon, excuse me from what. Was she convicted of some crime - my blood boils as I type this. Chris featured the Pence/Hamilton event instead of the Hail/Heil Trump in the meeting documented by Atlantic Review. And then Chris tells us we should build a Railroad as they have in Europe - compare the square mileage of US with Europe. What we need is infrastructure. Chris also did not know how to pay for the RR, infrastructure could be paid for by bringing corporations back to US and requiring companies pay their taxes. It is time for Chris TO GO. Please I am leaving MSNBC, if Chris remains.
  • Hillary does NOT need to be pardoned--has been proven over and over

    Why in the world did you waste valuable interview time with Kellyanne Conway on this topic? Why in the world do you keep bringing up Hillary;s emails when Donald Trump is a proven fraud, is naming neo natzi's to positions, and on and on? Conway is Trump;s top liar in chief and you make footsie with her because you happen to have known her a long time?

    Are you losing it? What in the hell is going on? You are a member of the 4th estate and we are all about to lose our rights big time and you waste your time on this crap--all the while from an incorrect premise?

    Holy crap, you are becoming an apologist for Trump. Do you not realize that? Well, at least Kellyanne was happy with you. Good job,
  • Hardball with Chris Mathews

    I think Chris is facing difficulties hosting republicans as they are scared of falling into Chris's trap, remember that congresswoman and Trump on abortion.
  • the trump report

    this show has became the trump show, they brag that trump has spent $0 on adds but they forget that they give billions in free adds. I think that chris is a big supporter of trump
  • What's up with Chris

    He used to be a pretty good commentor until Trump came alone. Chris's show might as will be called Hardball the Reality Show. I learned that Chris will do any thing for ratings. The back and forth he had with Andrew Sullivan was disgraceful. He tried to shut him up but Andrew wasn't having it. I thought Chris had more dignity but it looks like I was wrong. Too bad. I stopped watching. Really nothing to see!!!

  • Chris Matthews just drives me crazy.

    I taped the Donald Trump interview even though I knew C Matthews was going to moderate. My hope was that Matthews would ask a question and just perhaps let Trump answer without interrupting or badgering. My other hope was perhaps Mr Trump could shut him down at least so I could hear and understand what the "candidate", not the interviewer, was saying. To no avail. Matthews perhaps hit a new low with his interrupting and badgering. I could only last for five minutes and then I switched to CNN for a recap. How sad! The level of discourse on national television has sunk so low. Do we really need Matthews and his type on television? I am switching the channel.
  • Not watching anymore!!

    Chris was to have Richard Engel on one night. I looked forward to it, and when Chris interrupted him, I finally quit.

    My husband watches Chris every night, and even HE has turned him off in disgust. WHY doesn't he let anyone speak?? Like someone said, DON'T have guests if you are not going to let them speak.

    Started off the new year, he wasn't interrupting as much, thought maybe someone finally told him. BUT NO! It didn't take long. It's bad enough the commercials are too many (we record so we can FF through).

    I'm not planning on watching anymore, I don't know about the husband.. Love Rachel, and the others. Sorry Chris. It's a shame because he doesn't come off as an egotist like Bill O' or Limbaugh, or Beck. He seems like a nice, knowledgeable man.

    Please, someone tell him to stop interrupting before he loses his show??
  • What a disappointment!!!

    My husband and I have been ardent followers of Chris for many, many years, but no more. He has such a biased opinion of the Democratic Running Mates, we are astonished! He not only has a very biased opinion of who he wants to win, but he continually attempts to push his opinion on those he is interviewing on his show.

    NO MORE!
  • Calm down

    The MSNBC election cover was great. Who were you angry with. Hard to watch you
  • Trump free time.

    Why do you air all Trumps campaign speeches, You don't air anyone else. No wonder he doesn't have to spend money. You do it for free, maybe time to switch channels.

  • learn more by listening, Chris

    Your audience will learn more if you listen, Chris. I hate it when you ask a good question and your guest is giving a great answer but just as they are about to finish, you interrupt. You come off as a know it all and if the intent of your show is to inform your audience, I'm sorry to tell you that you fail in this endeavor. It gets so bad that soon everyone is talking at the same time and I switch channels to a saner show. You could learn a lot from Rachel, Chris and Lawrence. Although their topics may not differ a whole lot from yours, I come away from their shows feeling more peaceful and knowledgeable. You are a smart man, no doubt, but maybe you have a big ego. Sometimes egos get in the way. Just give your guests a chance to answer these questions, please. They must know something or you wouldn't have them on the show. Otherwise, forget guests and do all the talking yourself since that might be more to your liking anyway.
  • Shut Up!

    Chris doesn't give anyone else the chance to talk, he interrupts all the time and it gets annoying. MSNBC needs to revamp all the news shows...
  • Matthews- Gingrich car bomber

    If Gingrich looks like a car bomber, if you look at your online booking reports, you will see that Matthews looks like most rapes or child abusers, I hope I didn't belittle them comparing them to Matthews of Hardball.
  • Loud mouthed butt head!

    Chris Mathews is a loud-mouthed butt head! He has his own version of American political history that he shoves down the throats of his guests and dwindling amount of viewers. That's one of several reasons why I couldn't stand watching MSNBC anymore.
  • Top political show

    A little left of center, where my views are. Chris has a great knowledge of political history and can set the record straight. Also has a good sence of the political outcome with what is going on today.
  • No need to ask Why!

    No need to ask Why!

    When we go executing folks from the sky, be it in Afghanistan, Pakistan or

    elsewhere, many innocent people get killed.

    What kind of consoling do they receive? Who establishes a "Fund" for their

    reparations? How does the the orphan, widow or family impacted receives

    Justice? Are you suggesting because of where they live they have no right to justice?

    So please the next time shit happens don't sit in front of your TV and

    say oh why! Or as some degenerate senators may proclaim "They don't like our

    way of Life". Jerks!

    In my view these victims were all reasonably content - while they were still

    alive. It is US foreign policy, who's attempts to control the outcome of other folks nations,

    that farm raises new radicals. Is there anybody reading this not getting it?

    All peoples of this planet have inalienable rights to the pursuit of freedom and happiness

    this is not just an American idea but a universal right.

    The loss of human life due to violent acts of another must end, now!

    Just maybe if we stop, they stop.

    War, any right wing politician can testify, is good for business! Who else would finance their election campaigns, but the arms manufacturing industry. Get it through your thick head!

    Re-wash your brain from all the propaganda you hearing and look into it yourself. - HE

  • Social Security Chained CPI

    I think I just heard you say that the reduction in Social Security benefits for the elderly amounts to nothing if Chained CPI goes through. Well, I am 74 years old and live off of Social Security. I got a raise this year, the first in two years, of only $33.00. That raises my monthly check to $2022. Try to live off that, not to mention part of that being taken away. You probably spend that much on a night out for dinner. Well, I can't even afford to go out to dinner. My Medicare payments are taken off the top. I never see that and it's over $110/month, so all I saw was an increase of . How dare you spout off that a reduction in our benefits is nothing. When you start off with little, taking anything away is devastating. So, if you don't know what you are talking about, you should not open your mouth.
  • Only plays hardball with conservatives

    This DNC mouthpiece only throws softballs to constantly berates anyone who does not toe his "liberal only in America" theroy.
  • Why does he invite guests?

    Chris Matthews is the most annoying host on MSNBC. He invites guests, asks questions and then talk all over them giving his answers to his questions! Why do people bother to come on his show? Are they suckers for punishment? As soon as he comes on, I change the channel. So friggin annoying.
  • highly disappointed with Chris Matthew

    I had a high opinion of Tip O'Neill, and had a good opinion of Chris Matthews through the 2008 election. But now, forget it. He's gone very, very hard left. He needs to keep his job at MSNBC, so maybe that's why he's repeating the nonsense that other media talking heads are saying. But, Chris really knows better. It was distressing to see him so upset after the first presential debate when his man, Obama, tanked so badly.
  • Modern Jim Crow

    Having watched Hardball for years, I am for the first time disappointed in Chris Matthews. As a very liberal southerner who helped to desegregate a restaurant off the campus of a girls' school in Greensboro, NC in 1962, I remember being shocked at TV pictures of school buses being overturned by hate-filled mobs--in Boston. Please do not segregate North and South when it comes to racial prejudice. That said, what is happening in PA and elsewhere is appalling. Prejudice is a national, not a regional, sin.
  • Anyonewho thinks he isn't liberally biased, is an example of extremism in this country. It's realyl sad, that's their opinon but if you watch you will see that is a close minded and biased opinon.

    I find it ironic people talk about O'reilly, I'm not saying Bill O'reilly doesn't slant to the right, but this guy slants just as far if not further to the left. It's sad that news organizations of any kind want to only give you propaganda. I think it's even sadder when people are becoming hypocritical by nailing one side for it but ignoring some bias because it's what you want to here. It seems to me that is what some people are doing anymore. I asked people to watch Chris Matthews with an open mind and even if he is telling you what you want to here, ask yourself is it the truth or just propaganda.
  • Just average.

    I think this show is awfully boring. I think that there are some points to like, but I just think this show is very much a show that is hard to really get a true feel for. Chris Matthews loves to hear himself talk and I think that it makes the show annoying to watch and listen to. When he isn't chirping, I think the show is interesting when other get their opinions. Overall, this show makes me want to turn the channel at times, but it can be interesting as long as Matthews keeps his talking to a medium. Thank you.
  • I love Hardball with Chis Matthews!

    I love Hardball with Chris Matthews. I believe it is by far the most incisive, intelligent news show on TV. Chris is tough on everybody, regardless of party or ideology. He doesn't allow his guests to get away with the usual spin- the party's talking points of the day. I know that many viewers think that Chris talks over everyone else's attempts to speak, but I feel that most of the time he's just trying to pin them down, get them to actually reveal a truth or two. It is clear that Chris loves the world of politics and seems to enjoy his job very much.There have been recent rumors that Chris might consider a run for the U.S. Senate. I hope not. There is a surplus of politicians, but only one Chris Matthews.
  • An interview/debate show that asks tough questions, doesn't play favorites, and doesn't let the guests get away with phony answers. Informative, and usually entertaining, Chris Matthews's interview style is rough and to the point.

    Chris Matthews is an ex-Washington insider, a former speech writer for the Carter administration. This in no way makes him a left wing liberal. He often supports the right stronger than the left. His interview style is gruff and he will often interrupt a guest mid-sentence if he thinks they are giving the "talking points" answer to a question. Often times this will evoke a heated response from the guest and they will spill the beans, or blow up (as in the case of ex-Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) who on air challenged Matthews to a duel). More recently, I have been disagreeing with Matthews though, and the schtick gets irritating. His undying loyalty to presidential hopeful Mayor Rudy Guiliani (R-New York City, NY) makes my skin crawl. A guest appearance by Mike Barnicle or David Gregory is often a nice change of pace for the show. Although it used to be one of my favorite newsprograms of the day, it is now becoming slightly tiresome. I enjoy Matthews weekend show more, and compared to Keith Olbermann's show, this show is beginning to show age. I once rated this as over a 9, I've now lowered my rating to 8.0 and falling.
  • One of the few political shows that tackles the important issues and doesn't let politicians spin and doesn't focus on unimportant subjects only for profit and/or because they have an agenda (O'Reilly Factor among others). Chris Matthews is a top notch j

    Chris Matthews is one of the best journalists on TV, maybe the best, and with the best show as well. Tim Russert's Meet The Press is very similar, but Matthews is superior because there is 5 hours of it a week rather than 1. I would say the shows are equal, but since there is more content on Hardball, and Chris Matthews is very good at not letting politicians dodge questions and lie.

    A good example is when Michelle Malkin charged that John Kerry shot himself to get his purple hearts. It's a very serious charge, and Matthews didn't let her get away with it without proof. It came up that she had only "heard it from the net" and she wouldn't even name the website. He dismissed her charge and called her on her BS. That is something most TV journalists wouldn't do.

    Chris Matthews show doesn't overcover current events. Like the recent trials. Sure he covered them, but not everyday like Larry King Live(his show has gone from covering important things to celebrity trial speculation every show it seems). He also doesn't have an agenda like many of the shows on Faux News. If you watch the show enough he'll tell you his positions for sure but he never, ever claims to be the person to look for on them like Bill O'Reilly does (although Matthews is in my opinion). Matthews does his homework on everything, and has been in the business for a long time.

    If you want to watch a primetime hourlong political show don't watch Scarborogh, the O'Reilly Factor, and for god sakes don't watch any of the primetime shows on CNN, whereas Faux News is obviously bias to the right, CNN is obsessed with profits and it's shows are basically worthless (Wolf Blitzer Reports and Inside Politics are exceptions, but they aren't primetime)
  • Hosted by some big dude, it's all political.

    This man is the most narrow-minded, goofball, I've ever seen. His rudeness and deliberate instigations with guests are totally unecessary. It's just hard to take him serious. With all that the show can come out to be entertaining for a couple seconds and then falls flat on its face never to recover.
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