Hardcastle & McCormick

ABC (ended 1986)





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  • Hardcastle & McCormick is not just a show its about teamwork. Its about a soon to be retired judge who can not stay gone long enough. This judge Hardcastle teams up with a convict whos haveing trouble staying outta jail. They fight crime together and win.

    When I first saw this show in the early 1980s all I remember is the red sports car The Coyote. That car could give Kitt a solid run for his money. It was so fast and it seemed like it was really a small car and could fly through the air. Here I am many years later talking about both the judge and the convict. Early in the show it seems like both can not get along at all. But in a funny sense they seem to try and outdo the other. Where there are bets involved or something off the wall. The judge and the convict fighting crime and winning together. Lets not forget about the Coyote to. Ive only seen the first season so far. If I remember right this tv show wasnt on that long but it had its moments of interest for me. And I would like to see the rest of the seasons out on dvd someday soon.
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