Hardcore Pawn: Chicago

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  • An unwanted spin off to an already bad TV show

    Hardcore Pawn is already bad enough with it's terrible characters, except for maybe Les, the terrible customers who fly off the handle all the time, and how it has fights every five seconds or so. So why did TruTV think that a spin off to it was so necessary? Seriously, I don't get how a show that bad managed to get a spin off.

    Much like Hardcore Pawn, Chicago centers around a family run pawn shop in Chicago. The store is run by two brothers, Randy and Wayne Cohen, along with each brother's son and daughter, Elyse and Nathan. They all have to deal with crazy customers and other things.

    Much like Hardcore Pawn, the show has a lot of irate customers who act like the world owes them everything. A few good example are the lady wanted her money back for a computer that was busted and refused to take the offer of choosing another computer. Another is a lady who acts smug about her designer bags being real, even though they aren't and acts all high and mighty. And then there's some guy who acts like a jerk because of a ring he wants to sell and isn't getting the money he wants, even though the cashier explains why it isn't worth so much. Needless to say, these customers are just as sleazy and as big slime balls as the ones in Hardcore Pawn.

    The characters on this show are better than the original Hardcore Pawn, but that's not saying much really. Randy and Wayne are pretty much always at each others throats for the most part and yelling at one another. Randy always sounds like he's whining like a child who didn't get a toy at Walmart. Not to mention he loves to be some glory hog whenever Wayne is wrong about something. Wayne acts like a smug jerk who always wants to be right and has a high and mighty attitude. He's always making remarks and insults to his brother and acts arrogant pretty much all the time. Nathan is a passable character and does have some good moments, but he sometimes acts really stupid or rude to other people. Elyse is probably the best character on the show. She's nice, considerate, and shows intelligence. She doesn't really fly off the handle and maintains a professional look. If the show was more about her instead, this show would actually be more enjoyable.

    There is no real story in this show at all. Stuff just happens like a missing ring and a woman threatening to hire an attorney over it, or the kids have to run the shop by themselves. There's no story lines at all like who will get to run the shop or anything. But considering Hardcore Pawn's loose stories that get convoluted, I should count my blessings and be grateful that there's nothing like that at all in this show.

    Overall, Hardcore Pawn: Chicago is not as bad as the original Hardcore Pawn, but it still has numerous issues that makes it not worth watching. The customers are irritating, the brothers are annoying, and the stories are just boring. The show isn't so much bad as it is a complete boring mess. The only positive I can take from this is that Elyse is the only good character on this show and Nathan does have his moments. And while this show is better than Hardcore Pawn, this show isn't really worth a look at all and should be avoided, much like the original show.
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