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TruTV premieres it's new series "Hardcore Pawn," following a Detroit pawn shop owner and his family as they buy and sell items to family, employees and regular customers. Set in Detroit, Les Gold takes on the pawn business with his wife and children. They will face business transactions involving prosthetic limbs and animals.

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Fan Reviews (138)

  • Hard to look away from a train wreck

    Having grown up in Michigan, it's sad to see the way the people of Detroit are portrayed on this show. It's even more sad to see the way they are treated by the family that runs this shop. I actually visited this place just because I had seen the show. I took a few pictures in the store and before long, Ashley was yelling at me and I was asked to leave. Les and the family seem to relish preying on the many deperate people that are selling their goods. "what's the least you'll take" is really not negotiating - just saying. Oh, I can also attest that this is all set up and fake for the most part, but the cynicism is still hard to take.moreless

    I did find the show entertaining for a while. Crazy customers, totally dysfunctional family, some off the wall If, and only if these people really do act this way, I would have fired Ashley and Seth the first day they worked for me! It has to be scripted!!!! A-holes don't come that big. They would both be on a welfare line if this is all they have to contribute to society and the work force. God bless daddy. How many times did these two get dropped on their heads as babies? Has to be couldn't have made these two huge mistakes. LMAOmoreless
  • EZ Review

    Watched my last episode tonight. Ashley totally ruins the show. She is a rude, arrogant total smart ass with no regard for anyone but herself. The only reason she has a job is her father is the only one who would hire her. That way he can write her wages off and not support her as if she was on welfare. Otherwise she would be a welfare queen.
  • Hardcore Spoiled Brats!

    They are worse than children! The father needs to put them in their place more. Maybe if he did that more, throughout their life, they wouldn't act like spoiled fuckin little brats. Seth thinks he's king shit, while he's really just a pathetic twerp. I can just see him as a little boy "Daddy! Daddy! Ashley pushed me!" Ashley takes the cake though! She is such a rude, self-important, BITCH!!! I like watching the show ONLY for the weirdos that come in there, but I change the channel when Seth and especially Ashley are on camera. I can't stand looking at her ugly bitchy face! Or I won't even go back to the show. She is just such a miserable bitch, I can't even stand looking at her! It would be nice if they could pick another city to do the show in where there are still ridiculous customers but not such soul sucking JERKS working there!! They are pathetic excuses for people. They should be embarrassed to be acting the way they do! But that's the nature of LOSERS I suppose. NO CLASS!!!!moreless
  • Hardcore Porn Is More Like It

    This is a fake show with terrible actors. This show is about a wrinkly bastard father and his two stuck up annoying children making deals with irrate people (who are terrible actors). And for some reason they try to add family drama to the show, as if we give a shit. Seriously, who wants to see a show where two siblings constantly bitch at each other? I know I don't.

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