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Hardcore Pawn
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AIRED ON 4/6/2015

Season 9 : Episode 13

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TruTV premieres it's new series "Hardcore Pawn," following a Detroit pawn shop owner and his family as they buy and sell items to family, employees and regular customers. Set in Detroit, Les Gold takes on the pawn business with his wife and children. They will face business transactions involving prosthetic limbs and animals.


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    Fan Reviews (146)

    • Fat cow

      I think she is the most disrespectful thing in that shop the cheek of her!! Ugly cow talks to people like crap! Shame on you
    • Ashley's ugly fat ass. Seth's crackhead lookin ass and that old ass baldin dickhead father!

      Y'all act all hard going around treating the ppl who support your business like shyt if y'all was in ny you your ugly ass daughter and your bitch ass son would've been got shot the fuck up security and all. #punkbitches!
    • dont use detroit pawns harcore pawn merchandising. Australians ripped off

      Love the show, bought merchandise, the nightmare began.

      Tshirts that were made in china that were terrible, money paid for signed photos with notations not done, internet department that just tells you to go away, we have your money... Not impressed, with the net worth of these guys with tv rights and everything they make, you think they would want Australians to buy their merchandise to keep the flow of the show going? Not true, they dont care, their emails to me prove it, Les and Seth are so far removed from the business these days, its just all Tv to them and celebrity interviews, meanwhile, I pay for the rent with faulty products and no response that would be deemed reasonable. Be careful when you order, the internet department is making these guys a fortune with almost knock off product, thats if they send what you ask for, which in my case, they didnt.

      The last word from the internet department was go away. And they are right, we cant touch them all the way over here in Australia, they can bank my money and tell me where to go and get away with it every day of the week. I am listing on so many Australian forums so individuals can at least know to be careful, you will have to make your own decision and decide as you deal with them, my message is be careful, if it goes wrong, they dont care!!!!! If you have had a good experience with this business, I am happy for you and it is how it should be, maybe you can tell them that we are suffering over here in Australia.



    • I agree, for the most part...

      I can go along with the previous son is way overly ambitious and thinks he knows the certainly does NOT know the business, and probably never is just plain for the daughter, well, she is just a really vile bitch from are no asset to the business...
    • A bit low class.

      Ugly bratty children, low life customers and shows the worst of Detroit. Nothing that shows the positive side of Detroit, nor the business.

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