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Hardcore Pawn
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AIRED ON 3/25/2014

Season 8 : Episode 11

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TruTV premieres it's new series "Hardcore Pawn," following a Detroit pawn shop owner and his family as they buy and sell items to family, employees and regular customers. Set in Detroit, Les Gold takes on the pawn business with his wife and children. They will face business transactions involving prosthetic limbs and animals.

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Fan Reviews (113)

  • Ignorant, Stupid, Heartless People!

    If you people believe their infighting is 100% real, then just keep watching the show & making them more money, they know what sells & they keep doing it, These people are ignorant, an uncaring people Don't watch this crap, I stopped when they let RIch go, he was a good honest guy, just taking advantage of the poor in their area & getting wealthy on the poor, & the way they got rid of long time Employee RIch, was awful, I think it was because he was the most popular personality on the show, now they got that dumb little bald guy as the next main employee, he better watch out & keep up doing those ignorant tricks for them they ask of him or he will be the next to go, I could not work for those asses, because I would have Knocked Les & his Wimpy ass son the Heck out.moreless
  • Seth's softside

    Hi Seth

    Just a note to say I am very proud of you for doing what was right with the daughter and father with the guitars they brought in. It pleased me that you had a kind heart, but I know it pleased God even more, God delights in seeing us do good, after all he did something Good for all of mankind. I was very touched by your action, and tears are still falling from my eyes as I am sending this note to you. Continue to be kind and you will be ok. On another note, I love your show, and your Dad, no disrespect to Mrs. Gold. I hope this email reach you and maybe if you are not to busy you can let me know you received this note. Thanks and have a wonderful evening. Mrs. Equilla Allenmoreless
  • You make me throw up

    Ashley u r the worst person on the planet you rank right next to Satan that's how evil you r . Your voice sound so annoying please do us a big favor leave the show . Lol who cares I stop watching . Man your family is mess up ,,,, ( your face expressions r so ugly you remind me of a troll under a bridge )
  • I love this show...

    I can not stand Ashley, her voice is thee most annoying voice I have ever heard, and I know I am not the only one to think this, She gets into every deal and butts into every conversation like a miss prissy ass Bit*h with no respect or morals. she makes me hate the show and turn it off. I hate how she always stares at her brother and father like they are doing something worng when her dumb as* loses customers because of her voice alone not including her attitude kills it. She doesn't need to be on the show. Her father needs to fire her ass and he would have so much less headache daily. #FIREASHLEYmoreless
  • just saying

    Love your show, but turn it off everytime Ashley comes on. She is rude and can't stand watching her. Show would be much better without her on it.

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