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  • Love the show

    I love watching this show I've recently started watching it from season 1. I think it's very interesting and great to see who's going to walk in next. What I don't like about the show is Ashley, she's abusive, petty,loud, very childish, thinks she's better than everyone (including her own brother), stuck up, annoying grinding voice, spoilt rotten and thinks she a princess that should get her own way constantly. Seth and Les I think they are both great. And to be honest the whole show would be 100% better without Ashley. But that's just my opinion. I don't think it's fair to call her disrespectful names like others do on the Internet but seriously the customers end up shouting etc because of the way she talks down to them.
  • Fat cow

    I think she is the most disrespectful thing in that shop the cheek of her!! Ugly cow talks to people like crap! Shame on you
  • Ashley's ugly fat ass. Seth's crackhead lookin ass and that old ass baldin dickhead father!

    Y'all act all hard going around treating the ppl who support your business like shyt if y'all was in ny you your ugly ass daughter and your bitch ass son would've been got shot the fuck up security and all. #punkbitches!
  • dont use detroit pawns harcore pawn merchandising. Australians ripped off

    Love the show, bought merchandise, the nightmare began.

    Tshirts that were made in china that were terrible, money paid for signed photos with notations not done, internet department that just tells you to go away, we have your money... Not impressed, with the net worth of these guys with tv rights and everything they make, you think they would want Australians to buy their merchandise to keep the flow of the show going? Not true, they dont care, their emails to me prove it, Les and Seth are so far removed from the business these days, its just all Tv to them and celebrity interviews, meanwhile, I pay for the rent with faulty products and no response that would be deemed reasonable. Be careful when you order, the internet department is making these guys a fortune with almost knock off product, thats if they send what you ask for, which in my case, they didnt.

    The last word from the internet department was go away. And they are right, we cant touch them all the way over here in Australia, they can bank my money and tell me where to go and get away with it every day of the week. I am listing on so many Australian forums so individuals can at least know to be careful, you will have to make your own decision and decide as you deal with them, my message is be careful, if it goes wrong, they dont care!!!!! If you have had a good experience with this business, I am happy for you and it is how it should be, maybe you can tell them that we are suffering over here in Australia.



  • I agree, for the most part...

    I can go along with the previous son is way overly ambitious and thinks he knows the certainly does NOT know the business, and probably never is just plain for the daughter, well, she is just a really vile bitch from are no asset to the business...
  • A bit low class.

    Ugly bratty children, low life customers and shows the worst of Detroit. Nothing that shows the positive side of Detroit, nor the business.
  • Hardcore Pawn

    Is the shit this shows funny and amusing with its crazy customers and crazier cast. And although i agree that seth and ashley are a couple of bratty kids with no respect for their father theyre wat make part of the show. Les is kool as hell and a great business man as well as very educated. As for those people who don't like the show well shit why in the he'll watch it change the dam channel. Hardcore pawn ftw
  • just a THOUGHT.

  • Hardcore Porn Is More Like It

    This is a fake show with terrible actors. This show is about a wrinkly bastard father and his two stuck up annoying children making deals with irrate people (who are terrible actors). And for some reason they try to add family drama to the show, as if we give a shit. Seriously, who wants to see a show where two siblings constantly bitch at each other? I know I don't.
  • Karen needs to stop trying so hard to get her UNCLES ATTN BEING JEALOUS OF ASHLEY..

    Watching last nights Karen's idea of the "Circus" and demanding Ashley to wear the clown demanding her to help pissing me can only imagine how Ashley must of feel since Karen has been on can't stand her tries to hard to compete with ASHLEY for Uncle YOUR PLACE IS LES'S LOOKED LIKE THE FOOL LAST OUT LES "PUT ME IN CHARGE" YOU WILL WEAR THE CLOWN I HAVE TO SAY IS FOR YOU ASHLEY FOR STANDING YOUR watching the show from way love the I honestly don't like cousin...
  • Hard to look away from a train wreck

    Having grown up in Michigan, it's sad to see the way the people of Detroit are portrayed on this show. It's even more sad to see the way they are treated by the family that runs this shop. I actually visited this place just because I had seen the show. I took a few pictures in the store and before long, Ashley was yelling at me and I was asked to leave. Les and the family seem to relish preying on the many deperate people that are selling their goods. "what's the least you'll take" is really not negotiating - just saying. Oh, I can also attest that this is all set up and fake for the most part, but the cynicism is still hard to take.

    I did find the show entertaining for a while. Crazy customers, totally dysfunctional family, some off the wall If, and only if these people really do act this way, I would have fired Ashley and Seth the first day they worked for me! It has to be scripted!!!! A-holes don't come that big. They would both be on a welfare line if this is all they have to contribute to society and the work force. God bless daddy. How many times did these two get dropped on their heads as babies? Has to be couldn't have made these two huge mistakes. LMAO
  • EZ Review

    Watched my last episode tonight. Ashley totally ruins the show. She is a rude, arrogant total smart ass with no regard for anyone but herself. The only reason she has a job is her father is the only one who would hire her. That way he can write her wages off and not support her as if she was on welfare. Otherwise she would be a welfare queen.
  • Hardcore Spoiled Brats!

    They are worse than children! The father needs to put them in their place more. Maybe if he did that more, throughout their life, they wouldn't act like spoiled fuckin little brats. Seth thinks he's king shit, while he's really just a pathetic twerp. I can just see him as a little boy "Daddy! Daddy! Ashley pushed me!" Ashley takes the cake though! She is such a rude, self-important, BITCH!!! I like watching the show ONLY for the weirdos that come in there, but I change the channel when Seth and especially Ashley are on camera. I can't stand looking at her ugly bitchy face! Or I won't even go back to the show. She is just such a miserable bitch, I can't even stand looking at her! It would be nice if they could pick another city to do the show in where there are still ridiculous customers but not such soul sucking JERKS working there!! They are pathetic excuses for people. They should be embarrassed to be acting the way they do! But that's the nature of LOSERS I suppose. NO CLASS!!!!
  • Its so stupid!

    Ashley is a spoiled, fat, ugly, stupid whore that cares for no one. She always get fucking pissed off if anyone tries to give her help. Every episode I see her give dirty looks to African American. The son looks like a bold cat with down syndrome and the dad looks like a old wrinkly bulldog that is about to roll over and die. All they do is screw people out of money and yell at everyone. There are fake customers getting thrown out make a big scene... Its all just so stupid. I would rather watch Pawn Stars -_- At least they teach people history and they don't scream or argue in every freaking episode! It really needs to be taken down...
  • why Is it still on air

    I want to know why this show is still on the air Ashley and Seth are so freaking rude if I walked into a store and they talk to me like that oh man oh man get the show off the air I mean you can just see the greed in those people yes I believe in making a profit but greed is greed they buy something for $500 and what 2000 for it thats gread
  • Qualities

    I think Les is a very smart business man and sees value in almost everything. Flash a sports signature or anything sports related in front of Seth and he lights up but turns around and bashes a musicians signature or a vehicle because he's not into It or countless other things he sees no value in except sports. This world is full of different people of all ages wanting something. People will pay top dollar for just what they want in the subject they are interested in. Just because Seth and Ashley don't see it, the future of that place will suffer. I hope Les is able to get through to them. Their petty, childish fighting needs to stay out of the business too. It would be great if they went through a people skills class. Maybe their minds might expand beyond what seems to be a tiny area from what I've seen. They need to trust their father more and follow his lead. They wouldn't be where they are without his wisdom. He's got a few issues too but who doesn't. All in all they would make a good team IF they would work together and Seth and Ashley would show more maturity.
  • Les and his two daughters

    My title is two daughters since I consider Seth a little spoiled bitch just like his fat, obnoxious sister. Seth acts sooooo tough whenever he confronts a customer, providing of course security is right there to protect him. Ditto with the old man.

    Neither Seth nor Ashley would last a day in a real job, no one would put up with their childish, immature behavior and attitudes for a second. Both of course believed they actually earned everything that was handed to them on a silver platter.

    The Gold's are complete aholes. The old man ripped off the dregs of Detroit, the kid's spoiled, immature brats.
  • no title-Ashley and Seth

    Ashley is terrible with customers, and should be in the back room by herself, she is rude, no class, smart ass bitch as she is often called, has no idea how to handle a customer, gets into fights time after time.

    She is dumb as a box of rocks, her dad is giving her to much room to handle things. Seth is a step above as he does listen to customers and tries not to aggravate them. He does not assume he is going to get into a fight all the time like Ashley. I would tape her mouth immediately. She has no sales ability at all as I was in sales for 15yrs. It is not her business why someone is selling something, it is obvious, they normally need the money. Her mouth is her biggest problem. She evidently has not heard the saying engage brain before opening mouth. I understand some of the customers are crazy, but she does not have to buy into the way they talk, She is very condescending most of the time. Les, send her to school. This applies to all episodes.

  • stupid

    Stupid show.. annoying....
  • Bad actors

    This show is very scripted and these people are not actors. You can see Videos of customers wearing wireless mics under their close. Fake
  • Labour laws

    i have never com into contact with such people as the. Gold's they very direspecful of their employees, condesending to their customers and not nice to one another how this managed to appear on tv is beyond me. They ask the customer what price they want and they always say WHY!!!!! My question is why not. I know its TV and you have to act up for ratings . Please do us all a favor and cancel the damn show its not as interesting as the Las Vegas Pawn Stars.
  • pussy ass seth and big bitch ashley

    I think both of them should be fired! They are both control freaks, they both are assholes, they dont respect dad at all! How about both of you be real and dont hide behind your security guy!!! Lol seth you are a idiot you think your so smart but your truly dumb and your a PUSSY your always hiding behind someone And ashley you are a big BITCH and no one is scared of you lol I would slap the crap out of you for talking down to people. You two would be know where without your dad. So learn how to talk to people cuz you both will get your ass kicked one day and then it will be a great show hahaha!!!!!!
  • Big mouths when security backs them.

    How can anyone show their face on TV and be proud when acting like cowards? Don't this family realise there is nothing so pathetic as people acting tough, rising to the occasion and then stand behind the security guards? I thought that was only for the likes of Justin Beiber. I can't think of anything so shameful than this family.
  • Scripted and really bad show

    Wish I could give it less than one star...
  • surprised this is still televised

    Over a year ago, I refused to watch Hardcore Pawn because of the lack of respect for anyone by Ashley. Today, I turned on the program, only to see Ashley sneer, yell, scream, show total disrespect, and humiliate others; not only customers, which should be treated with the utmost respect if the pawn shop expects return customers, but she shows the same immature, arrogant, hateful demeanor to Les (the owner, really?) and Seth. This immature female will have a rude awakening one day: and that is that everyone can learn something each day; oh, but that won't include Ashley, because she already knows everything. I will never turn this program on again. Seth seems to have common sense as well as business sense and presents well for television. However, it is disgusting when a viewer (me) has a knot in her stomach 5 minutes into the program because of a person such as Ashley. I would rate this program a 10 without Ashley, a 1 with Ashley.
  • veiwer

    Kids have no respect for dad.
  • Dog and Cat Fight

    The show is entertaining until the 2 "kids" start bitching at each other.

    A recent episode involved a woman with a ruby ring she wanted to sell, and had absolutely no idea what it was worth. Les, who is a thief in my opinion, and his arrogant son Seth, and bitch of a daughter Ashley, took advantage of her, and only gave her a fraction of what the stone was worth. If you watch the episode, the owners consulted their gemologist in private, who priced the item. The tape was edited at the point where the real value of the ring was disclosed, and the real value of the ring was cut from the episode. Turns out the ring was probably worth 5 or 6 times what they gave her for it. Episode after episode, I watch in amazement as the Gold family swindles its customers in every transaction they make. And yes, I agree that the black people shown in the episodes are stereotyped and shown to be fools and troublemakers. If there was ever a stereotype to be made of this awful program, lets start with the cheap Jewish owners, the know-it all prodical son Seth, and the Jewish American Princess of a daughter have to laugh when they ask a customer how much they want for an item, and when the customer responds with a number, Les responds "Why?"... Les is such an asshole. If you want to watch a much better pawn show, watch Pawn Stars. At least they are honest enough to get items evaluated by experts, in front of the customers, and offer their customers fair and reasonable prices. Sure, Chumley is a simpleton, but at least the program is enjoyable to watch, and somewhat educational at the same time. And you don't see customers ranting and arguing and being removed from the store as you see in Hardcore Pawn.. Hardcore Pawn should be cancelled.
  • disappointed

    I have watched 3 episodes of this show to see if there was a change in the extreme stereotypes presented, but I was thoroughly disappointed. The African Americans in this show are presented as scheming, ignorant, loud, and pathetic. The situations filmed are typical of the worst stereotypical satire from black-sploitation movies. I thought this was 2014, not 1974. 2 thumbs down :-( I recommend Pawn Stars. At least you can learn some history from the items presented. They rely on the items brought in the shop to entertain, not rehearsed shenanigans that make no sense.
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