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  • Big mouths when security backs them.

    How can anyone show their face on TV and be proud when acting like cowards? Don't this family realise there is nothing so pathetic as people acting tough, rising to the occasion and then stand behind the security guards? I thought that was only for the likes of Justin Beiber. I can't think of anything so shameful than this family.
  • Scripted and really bad show

    Wish I could give it less than one star...
  • surprised this is still televised

    Over a year ago, I refused to watch Hardcore Pawn because of the lack of respect for anyone by Ashley. Today, I turned on the program, only to see Ashley sneer, yell, scream, show total disrespect, and humiliate others; not only customers, which should be treated with the utmost respect if the pawn shop expects return customers, but she shows the same immature, arrogant, hateful demeanor to Les (the owner, really?) and Seth. This immature female will have a rude awakening one day: and that is that everyone can learn something each day; oh, but that won't include Ashley, because she already knows everything. I will never turn this program on again. Seth seems to have common sense as well as business sense and presents well for television. However, it is disgusting when a viewer (me) has a knot in her stomach 5 minutes into the program because of a person such as Ashley. I would rate this program a 10 without Ashley, a 1 with Ashley.
  • veiwer

    Kids have no respect for dad.
  • Dog and Cat Fight

    The show is entertaining until the 2 "kids" start bitching at each other.

    A recent episode involved a woman with a ruby ring she wanted to sell, and had absolutely no idea what it was worth. Les, who is a thief in my opinion, and his arrogant son Seth, and bitch of a daughter Ashley, took advantage of her, and only gave her a fraction of what the stone was worth. If you watch the episode, the owners consulted their gemologist in private, who priced the item. The tape was edited at the point where the real value of the ring was disclosed, and the real value of the ring was cut from the episode. Turns out the ring was probably worth 5 or 6 times what they gave her for it. Episode after episode, I watch in amazement as the Gold family swindles its customers in every transaction they make. And yes, I agree that the black people shown in the episodes are stereotyped and shown to be fools and troublemakers. If there was ever a stereotype to be made of this awful program, lets start with the cheap Jewish owners, the know-it all prodical son Seth, and the Jewish American Princess of a daughter have to laugh when they ask a customer how much they want for an item, and when the customer responds with a number, Les responds "Why?"... Les is such an asshole. If you want to watch a much better pawn show, watch Pawn Stars. At least they are honest enough to get items evaluated by experts, in front of the customers, and offer their customers fair and reasonable prices. Sure, Chumley is a simpleton, but at least the program is enjoyable to watch, and somewhat educational at the same time. And you don't see customers ranting and arguing and being removed from the store as you see in Hardcore Pawn.. Hardcore Pawn should be cancelled.
  • disappointed

    I have watched 3 episodes of this show to see if there was a change in the extreme stereotypes presented, but I was thoroughly disappointed. The African Americans in this show are presented as scheming, ignorant, loud, and pathetic. The situations filmed are typical of the worst stereotypical satire from black-sploitation movies. I thought this was 2014, not 1974. 2 thumbs down :-( I recommend Pawn Stars. At least you can learn some history from the items presented. They rely on the items brought in the shop to entertain, not rehearsed shenanigans that make no sense.
  • Extremely Entertaining love this show !

    I think the show is great it's extremely entertaining !

    Seth Gold is a Major DICKWEED and should be avoided at all costs
  • Hardcore Porn Is More Like It

    This is a fake show with terrible actors. This show is about a wrinkly bastard father and his two stuck up annoying children making deals with irrate people (who are terrible actors). And for some reason they try to add family drama to the show, as if we give a shit. Seriously, who wants to see a show where two siblings constantly bitch at each other? I know I don't.
  • well put together entertaiment

    You guys are outstanding show is with out question best keep up the task.

    Richard New York Army Veteran
  • It's 100% fake but not too bad.

    The show is decent entertainment.

    However the major issue they have is they rehash the same scene 3 or4 times in a row especially after commercial breaks.

    Get on with the story!

    enough with showing the same scene 6 times.
  • One of the worst..

    I watched 1/3 of an episode of this show and couldn't take it. I have never seen such a blatantly faked show in my life. Its pure garbage. Couldnt even make it through the whole show. Really wish people would stop watching this bullshit so it would go away.
  • Ignorant, Stupid, Heartless People!

    If you people believe their infighting is 100% real, then just keep watching the show & making them more money, they know what sells & they keep doing it, These people are ignorant, an uncaring people Don't watch this crap, I stopped when they let RIch go, he was a good honest guy, just taking advantage of the poor in their area & getting wealthy on the poor, & the way they got rid of long time Employee RIch, was awful, I think it was because he was the most popular personality on the show, now they got that dumb little bald guy as the next main employee, he better watch out & keep up doing those ignorant tricks for them they ask of him or he will be the next to go, I could not work for those asses, because I would have Knocked Les & his Wimpy ass son the Heck out.
  • Seth's softside

    Hi Seth

    Just a note to say I am very proud of you for doing what was right with the daughter and father with the guitars they brought in. It pleased me that you had a kind heart, but I know it pleased God even more, God delights in seeing us do good, after all he did something Good for all of mankind. I was very touched by your action, and tears are still falling from my eyes as I am sending this note to you. Continue to be kind and you will be ok. On another note, I love your show, and your Dad, no disrespect to Mrs. Gold. I hope this email reach you and maybe if you are not to busy you can let me know you received this note. Thanks and have a wonderful evening. Mrs. Equilla Allen
  • You make me throw up

    Ashley u r the worst person on the planet you rank right next to Satan that's how evil you r . Your voice sound so annoying please do us a big favor leave the show . Lol who cares I stop watching . Man your family is mess up ,,,, ( your face expressions r so ugly you remind me of a troll under a bridge )
  • I love this show...

    I can not stand Ashley, her voice is thee most annoying voice I have ever heard, and I know I am not the only one to think this, She gets into every deal and butts into every conversation like a miss prissy ass Bit*h with no respect or morals. she makes me hate the show and turn it off. I hate how she always stares at her brother and father like they are doing something worng when her dumb as* loses customers because of her voice alone not including her attitude kills it. She doesn't need to be on the show. Her father needs to fire her ass and he would have so much less headache daily. #FIREASHLEY
  • just saying

    Love your show, but turn it off everytime Ashley comes on. She is rude and can't stand watching her. Show would be much better without her on it.
  • Hard to watch!

    Constant family fighting. Total disrespect for each other. Ashley is rude and language is

    unbearable at times. Every reality show that has gone on has been run by 20's somethings who think they know what the viewer wants .wrong! Same thing happened to the show about building motor cycles (can't think of the the show went down the tubes..

    Take control of the show and stop the bickering back and is a child. Both of them should go out and work in the real would not last a day. Can't watch it anymore.

  • Change The Channel

    I tuned into a season or 2 of this show but after watching the Gold's take an item, offer the customer 20 or 30 bucks, have the customer agree and then find out 2 minutes later that the item is worth $3000 dollars and watch the customer walk out the door having said nothing, is making me change the channel. To the real pawn show, Pawn Stars. Lester Gold has been taking advantage of the uneducated, simple, desperate, poor people of Detroit and getting wealthy at it for a long long time. He is a disgusting con artist, who at the end of the day is nothing more than human garbage. I hope for the sake of the people of Detroit, he soon goes out of business. He is doing nothing good for those people.
  • Pawn Stars is much better

    My wife and I used to watch this load of crap, but no more. Les, your wife HAD to go through excruciating pain giving birth to those 2 brats of yours. She couldn't have given birth vaginally, they had to have been born anally Their actions and disrespect of their father show exactly where they came from. You NEED TO throw them out onto the street and supposedly make a success of themselves there. I honestly believe that needs to take your show(?) off the air and put on something family friendly.
  • getting real stupid

    this show is getting real stupid. i dont want to see people fighting and throwing fits. i dont want to see the family fighting. there is not much business going on any more on the show. i like to see unusual items brought in, not all the drama. this show is about done

    This show gives jews a bad rep! They are the lowest of low! The son is a wimp and I agree with one person he must of gotten beaten up everyday of his life when he was in school!!!! It makes me sick the prices they give people and they rip people of all the time. I can't even watch this show any more. They treat there employees like they are idiots! They also treat there customers like shit!!!!!
  • It is reality tv

    I think the children of Les have'nt worked a day in there life .This is a show .Les set it up .I bet u after every episode they are all kissy and lovey dovey . They should thank thier Dad that they do not have to work and are rich know they do . Like the fake pregnant lady that her tailgate exsposed . I knew it was fake before it was revealed .. I am listening to one now . A worker chick is saying Ashley is a BITCH .. It is on camera . A normal business would fire her what I am Saying is It is reality tv it or change the channell . Stop bitching about it . I have never been in a pawn shop where some one says no I aint leavig till you give me $300 for my .

    God bless you Les .. Making a living for your family and doing a great job .. You're spoiled kids have nothing to worry about.
  • Disgusting people

    The degrading behavior of select patrons is only exceeded by that of the owner and his progeny.

    The Golds sink to the repugnant level of their most obnoxious clientele, leaving not only a bad taste, but also tarnishing images of their industry, city and ethnicity.

    They are an absolute disgrace to humanity-- carbuncles on the behind of satellite TV!

    They may be real but the episodes are very dramatized. I work in the health field. A hernia is a same day operation. Even if it strangulated causing him to pass out - it does not take two weeks to recuperate and walking with a cane??? Ashley is a whiner and reacts emotionally and gets defensive alienating the customers. Seth is a complete idiot, and so disrespectful to his dad. If I were Les, I would fire them both and let them try to make their own way for a while. Or better bring in a hardcore manager just to over see his kids that would take no crap from either of them. They rip off the people for a higher profit, but so do all pawn shops.
  • They are real

    They are real people dealing with real problems. Man i hope Les is ok last nkght I bit off all my nails :-( and asy for you judgementale people shame on you.
  • waste of time

    Are people that ignorant? This show is a joke. Les is a idiot, wimp along with the 2 idiots. Surprised they haven't burn down that store or put them in the hospital. The son probably got his ass kicked everyday at school. The daughter with her fat ass has a big mouth. They treat their workers like criminals. Don't know why people work for such disgusting people.
  • Ashley is disgusting

    She is a disgusting human being, I feel sorry for her husband and even more for her children, Les just uses her for TV ratings, sad. If this woman is really this horrible in life, and such a despicable human being, I feel sorry for her family. They're both extremely spoiled children, but OMG Les, I hope you're done having kids!
  • Spoiled Brats

    I dont know how Les puts up with either one of them. When I was growing up you didn't disrespect people the way those 2 do and talk about embarrassment. They stop at no end to embarrass their father who is the founder of the store. How do they think the store got so big?
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