Hardcore Pawn - Season 6

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  • 1/28/13
    When jewelry is found scattered on the floor, Les think it's just a mistake. But when it happens again - and the security video system conveniently goes down - he knows something is afoot. The Golds set up a plot to catch the culprit, but will they be outsmarted once again? And, when an unruly customer threatens Les on his home turf, the situation becomes more than his security can handle - and they must turn to the Detroit P.D. Plus, a pair of sneakers worn by Shaquille O'Neal take up a lot of space on the sports shelf - will Seth be able to find a buyer?moreless
  • Les' Mojo
    Episode 24
    A lot has been going wrong for Les lately, and after whiffing at some sweet deals, this could be the worst day on record for him.? Has he really lost his touch for good?? Les vows to prove to his kids that he's still got it, but when a big fish comes through the door, will he bite off more than he can chew - and lose thousands?? Or will lady luck be on his side?moreless
  • Watch Out
    Episode 23
    After purchasing a top notch watch for an amazing price, Les shows it off to Seth and Ashley.? Seth is concerned that it might be one of the new amazing fake luxury watches out there, but Les won't hear it.? After some computer sleuthing, Les learns a lesson the hard way about the new counterfeit practices, and vows revenge on the seller.? Will he be able to regain his pride - and thousands of dollars?? Or has he been swindled for good?? Plus, Ashley really bugs out over a creepy crawly pawn, and Seth takes a spin in a pimped out ride - for the golf course.?moreless
  • 1/8/13
    With the warehouse overflowing with broken electronics, Seth decides to orders a dumpster to get rid of the junk - behind his father's back.? Will Les be able to let it go?? Or will this new betrayal create a rift between father and son?? Meanwhile, Ashley faces off with a woman who wants to bring charges against her when her pawn doesn't go as planned, and a? "lawyer" who tries to swindle her with some fake jewels.? And sweet sounds come from a surprising source, in this episode of Hard Core Pawn.?moreless
  • Unforgiven
    Episode 21
    When Rich commits a fireable offence at the jewelry counter, Seth pushes for forgiveness but his dad refuses.? Will the disagreement sparks a full-on father-son fight?? Meanwhile, some bad manners in the pawn line leads to a battle with Ashley, and a kooky cowboy shows off his "horse" to Les.
  • 12/25/12
    Detroit hosts its annual Dream Cruise, and the Golds know they have just one day to cash in on automotive merchandise. After Les passes on a deal for an historic Chevy sign, Seth goes behind his dad's back and snags it. Will he be able to flip it fast? Or does father really know best?moreless
  • Ashley's Bad Day
    Episode 19
    Ashley's attitude is nothing new, but when her sass starts costing the store business, its up to Les and Seth to get to the root of her problems. Then, a serial killer groupie brings in some frightening paraphernalia - could it be too spooky for even Les to handle? And a showdown on a drum set let's Rich show off his skills - and maybe make a deal.moreless
  • Vintage Victory
    Episode 18
    When a junky old bike rolls in, Les and Ashley are at odds as to what it's worth.? It's young versus old as they compete to find the best vintage item that will bring in the most green.? Meanwhile, Seth faces off with a Jersey guy looking for trouble, and a woman who wants more TV than she can handle.moreless
  • Gold Metldown
    Episode 17
    A Hollywood player brings in a high end custom job that has Seth scrambling, but one sloppy mistake could lead to disaster - and cost the Golds major businness. Some mother daughter drama at the pawn window has Ashley playing referree, but when things get out of hand, the police might need to be called. Then, a roommate dispute gets ugly on the floor.moreless
  • Shell Game
    Episode 16
    Les can't?believe that a hustler would edge in on his turf, but when customers start getting scammed in his parking lot, the Golds have no choice but to take action - and fast.? Meanwhile, a fledgling fashionista gets spitting mad when Seth turns down her merchandise, and Ashley is shocked to see an X Box aficionado turn the showroom floor into his personal video game.? Plus, Seth and Ashley finally come to blows - sumo style.moreless
  • Pay to Play
    Episode 15
    When a rare guitar finds its way into the shop, the Golds can't decide if it's the real deal, or a fake.? It could be worth thousands, but coughing up cash on a phony could hit a sour note.? With no time to call in an expert, Seth and Les must go with their guts.? Meanwhile, Ashley faces off with a customer - not with words, but with weapons, and a wrestling legend visits American Jewelry with a special proposition.moreless
  • Family Matters
    Episode 14
    After Seth attempted to sell his father's business out from under him, Les cannot forgive or forget his son's betrayal. The shop can't function without Les, but he seems to have checked out and locked himself in his office, refusing to speak to anyone. When a fight on the floor gets tossed outside, the brawl doesn't end.?When the parking lot rumble rolls out of control, the Golds find themselves in the line of fire.moreless
  • Oh Yes He Did
    Episode 13
    Seth's secret plan to sell Pontiac is in full motion, but when it hits a snag, Ashley is pulled into the fray. The kids scramble to meet with a buyer and find themselves in a life-changing scenario.
  • Oh No He Didn't
    Episode 12
    The kids discover their other store is quietly going bust. When they confront him with the proposition to sell it, Les flies off the handle making it crystal clear that the store is not for sale. But later, Seth goes behind his back and puts into motion a secret plan that leaves Les in the dark and Ashley backing away.moreless
  • Seth's Big Bet
    Episode 11
    "Meet the Gold family. As owners of Detroit\'s biggest pawn shop, they\'ve bought and sold things you can\'t begin to imagine. Every day brings new danger as the Golds operate in the heart of one of America\'s most troubled cities.
  • Lawyer Up Son
    Episode 10
    "A conflict over a fake receipt turns into a full-blown war at the window. But when Les tries to call the customer\'s bluff, she comes back with a Motor City lawyer who could land Les in hot water. But Mr. Gold has a big surprise up his sleeve.
  • Burmese or Busted?
    Episode 9
    A woman sells some heirlooms to pay for her grandmothers funereal. The gems turn out to be mostly glass, except for one ruby, which is valued at over ten-thousand dollars. Another customer pawns some gold dust, and a lady becomes irate when losing her parent's diamond ring after she misses a payment.moreless
  • Les Spending Spree
    Episode 8
    Ashley and Seth confront Les about his overspending. However, Les argues that Seth and Ashley just don't understand his master plan. To make them happy, he agrees to sell some of the overflow items in the warehouse. Meanwhile, one customer is kicked out of the store, and another gets irate when she learns her lay-away item is no longer available.moreless
  • 8/20/12
    When a customer is caught hiding in the store, it raises safety concerns amongst the staff at American Jewelry and Loan. Ashley voices her concerns, but is blown off by Seth and Les. However, when the pawn shop is broken into days later, Les must revisit his safety protocols. Meanwhile, customers come in to the shop with an interesting array of items including a broken necklace, an illegal bear trap and an espresso machine.moreless
  • Motor Mouth
    Episode 6
    When confronted with two angry customers, Les looses his cool, and breaks a store rule at the same time. Meanwhile another customer visits the store, and accuses Ashley of damaging her ring while it was in pawn. While Ashley is busy with that customer, Joe confronts another customer about parking in the no-parking zone.moreless
  • Tripped Out Cash
    Episode 5
    Les, Seth, Rich and Ashley interact with a variety of customers and their unique items. Items brought into the shop during this episode include a Stanley Mouse t-shirt, a wedding ring, toilets that can be drove, and a stolen TV. One customer tries to steal an item, and fails, but succeeds in stealing a traffic cone from the parking lot instead.moreless
  • Amy Got Back
    Episode 4
    Les' decision to rehire a less than desirable employee, Amy, angers Seth. Seth immediately dislikes the decision, but cannot convince Les that Amy needs to be let go for good. Meanwhile, several customers visit the pawn shop with interesting items including a pinky ring, a small TV, a Harley Davidson minibike and an authentic letter signed by Babe Ruth.moreless
  • 7/23/12
    Ashley and Seth worry about items that Les has bought recently. Meanwhile, several customers come in with interesting items including a sweeper without a cord, a novelty football grill, a stereo unit and a pair of fake earrings. Many of the customers become belligerent when they find out they cannot make the deal they were hoping to.moreless
  • The Shocker
    Episode 2
    In order to please Les, Seth and Ashley work together to increase the store's online sales. Meanwhile, several customers visit the shop to pick up, sell and pawn their items. Items featured in this episode include a watch, a space heater, golf clubs, antiquated Halloween decorations, and a carousel horse.
  • Rich Returns?
    Episode 1
    Rick apologizes to Les, and is welcomed back to the shop, but is warned that he must be on his best behavior, and make good work choices. Meanwhile the crew at American Jewelry deal with unhappy customers and their items including probably stolen microphones, a sex table, a laptop and magical napkin holders.moreless
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