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  • Super Hilarious! To be seen. Not to be missed. Way before its time. If this were to come out today, somebody would swear Dave Chappelle had something to do with it!!

    Take the world of indignant sketch comedy when it relied on Kids in the hall, but before it got to the The State, and you'll find Hardcore T.V. as one of the stand alone gems that continues to remain buried under the executive red tape that even Steve Kerper himself can't unravel. The shows like 'Rastapiece Theater', 'Fairytales from the Darkside', 'Fly Fishing Jams', 'The Joy of Bikini waxing','Raging Bullwinkle', 'National Pornographic Explorer' and others made for a special excursion from everyday reality. Whenever I remember 'Boxing Lesbians' or 'Maplethorpe Bar Mitzvah Photos' it brings me out of my surroundings into an alternate reality far from the mundane monotonies of everyday life. Copy and paste this to experience a small fraction of the legend that is Hardcoe TV " http://www.ghostfoot.com/skerper/ "
  • Man this show was great. A few years back i was telling some friends who had never seen it and I called HBO to get some dvd's and they didnt know anything about it. If u like raunchy comendy check this out. Once is great but then some stuff will get old

    Check it out at least once start with episode 5 it is the best and then watch the others some stuff sucks cause they burn it out the sports lady especially but check it out the fairly tales from the darkside and the bob vila dudes are worth watching again and again. If you watch close you will see a saprano star when he was young and the sex talk show is funny once but then it really gets old and the too black guys fishing are a really funny about 3 times and then they suck but the whole thing about black dudes rapping and fishing is just funny i mean you can do alot of with that today.