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  • Season 1
    • Ali Soltanieh
      Ali Soltanieh
      Episode 79
    • Paul McKeever
      Paul McKeever
      Episode 78
    • Sir Tim Rice
      Sir Tim Rice
      Episode 77
    • Nigel Sheinwald
      Nigel Sheinwald
      Episode 76
    • Ping Fu
      Ping Fu
      Episode 75
    • Doreen Lawrence
      Doreen Lawrence
      Episode 74
    • Francoise Barre
      Francoise Barre
      Episode 73
    • Alistair Darling British Chancellor of the Exchequer, 2007-2010
    • Jocelyn Burnell
      Jocelyn Burnell
      Episode 71
    • Meir Dagan
      Meir Dagan
      Episode 70
    • Renzo Piano
      Renzo Piano
      Episode 69
    • Paul Bhatti
      Paul Bhatti
      Episode 68
    • Lord Ouseley
      Lord Ouseley
      Episode 67
    • Philip Glass
      Philip Glass
      Episode 66
    • Louis Saha
      Louis Saha
      Episode 65
    • Michalis Sarris
      Michalis Sarris
      Episode 64
    • William Patey
      William Patey
      Episode 63
    • Sir Ronald Cohen
      Sir Ronald Cohen
      Episode 62
    • Norman Finkelstein
      Norman Finkelstein
      Episode 61
    • Nasser Judeh
      Nasser Judeh
      Episode 60
    • Elizabeth Corley
      Elizabeth Corley
      Episode 59
    • Nhial Deng
      Nhial Deng
      Episode 58
    • Oleg Deripaska
      Oleg Deripaska
      Episode 57
    • Arnold Ekpe
      Arnold Ekpe
      Episode 56
    • John Sulston
      John Sulston
      Episode 55
    • Sheikh Khalid
      Sheikh Khalid
      Episode 54
    • Guy Scott
      Guy Scott
      Episode 53
    • Peter Keen
      Peter Keen
      Episode 52
    • John Llewellyn
      John Llewellyn
      Episode 51
      Sarah Montague talks to the internationally respected economist, John Llewellyn, and asks how governments create jobs in the current climate.
    • Pravin Gordhan
      Pravin Gordhan
      Episode 50
      HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur asks South Africa's Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan if Africa?s most powerful economy is fulfilling its undoubted potential.
    • Malloch Brown
      Malloch Brown
      Episode 49
      Carrie Gracie asks Lord Mark Malloch Brown how to prevent disillusionment after the dust of revolution has settled.
    • Robin Gibb
      Robin Gibb
      Episode 48
      Stephen Sackur talks to singer-songwriter and Bee Gee Robin Gibb, and asks if his band was really different from the packaged pop stars of today.
    • Max Mosley
      Max Mosley
      Episode 47
      Max Mosley, former president of Formula One's governing body, sued a British tabliod and won. Is he right? Should it rule in his favour?
    • Richard Bruton
      Richard Bruton
      Episode 46
      Richard Bruton is Fine Gael's spokesperson for Enterprise, Jobs and Economic Planning. What can his party offer Ireland except more economic pain and austerity? HARDtalk's Noel Thompson talks to Richard Bruton.
    • Roy Bennett
      Roy Bennett
      Episode 45
      Roy Bennett is an appointed Minister in Zimbabwe's unity government. HARDtalk's Sarah Montague asks what the future holds for the MDC and for Zimbabwe?
    • Dick Roche
      Dick Roche
      Episode 44
      The Fianna Fail party in Ireland has dominated Irish politics for the past 80 years. Noel Thompson asks him if Fianna Fail is about to spend years in the political wilderness?
    • Ibraham Shekaran
      Ibraham Shekaran
      Episode 43
      Zeinab Badawi asks Ibrahim Shekarau, a presidential candidate for the opposition All Nigeria People's Party, how he aims to reduce religious tension that's seen hundreds killed in the past year.
    • Patty Hill
      Patty Hill
      Episode 42
      Stephen Sackur talks to Paddy Hill, one of six men who spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In the 20 years since he ceased to be a hostage held by the British state, has he been able to rebuild his life?
    • Malcolm Turnbull
      Malcolm Turnbull
      Episode 41
      Malcolm Turnbull is one of Australia's most flamboyant politicians. Is he content to be an MP or, as Stephen Sackur asks him, does he have ambitions to retake the leadership of the Liberal Party and to become Prime Minister of Australia?
    • Mortimer Zuckerman
      Mortimer Zuckerman
      Episode 40
      Mortimer Zuckerman has for years been a vigorous contributor to the debate about American strategy in the Middle East. Stephen Sackurs asks in this age of popular Arab revolt is it time for the US to rethink its regional strategy?
    • Christos Tsiolkas
      Christos Tsiolkas
      Episode 39
      The son of Greek immigrants, Christos Tsiolkas is an Australian novelist whose book The Slap has been an international bestseller. He tells Stephen Sackur why he feels so attached yet so at odds with the country of his birth.
    • Armistead Maupin
      Armistead Maupin
      Episode 38
      Stephen Sackur talks to Armistead Maupin, an American author whose bestselling Tales of the City series chronicled the beginning of gay liberation in 1970s San Francisco.
    • Jim O'Neill
      Jim O'Neill
      Episode 37
      Stephen Sackur speaks to Jim O'Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, who coined the term BRICs to highlight the new economic power of Brazil, Russia, India and China.
    • Abdul Bari
      Abdul Bari
      Episode 35
      Stephen Sackur talks to Muhammad Abdul Bari, chairman of London's biggest mosque, and asks whether efforts to combat radicalisation within the Muslim community are doomed to fail.
    • Martha Reeves
      Martha Reeves
      Episode 33
      In the 1960s, Martha Reeves was one of Motown's biggest stars. But the glory years for Motown and its home city Detroit ended long ago. Stephen Sackur asks her what went wrong.
    • Karen Miller-Kovach
      Stephen Sackur asks Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientist at Weight Watchers International, if there is something fundamentally unhealthy about our obsession with weight-loss.
    • Evgeny Morovov
      Evgeny Morovov
      Episode 31
      Stephen Sackur speaks to internet analyst Evgeny Morozov, who argues that far from liberating the world the internet can help to sure up repressive regimes.
    • Harriet Lamb
      Harriet Lamb
      Episode 30
      Stephen Sackur speaks to Harriet Lamb, who runs the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK which offers farmers premium prices in return for sustainable practices.
    • Jimmie Akesson
      Jimmie Akesson
      Episode 29
      Sarah Montague speaks to the leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Akesson, and asks what the success of his anti-immigration party says about what is happening in Sweden.
    • Nabil Shaath
      Nabil Shaath
      Episode 28
      With Israeli Palestinian talks stalling, is there a still a route to an independent Palestinian state? Stephen Sackur speaks to Palestinian Authority official Nabil Shaath.
    • Najib Chebbi
      Najib Chebbi
      Episode 27
      In Tunisia the interim national unity government is condemned as a sham. Stephen Sackur talks to a member of that government, the minister for regional development Najib Chebbi.
    • Youssoufou Bamba
      Youssoufou Bamba
      Episode 26
      Stephen Sackur speaks to Ivory Coast's UN ambassador Yousouffou Bamba - newly appointed by Alassane Ouattara. Can the Ivorian impasse be broken without civil war?
    • Kathryn Bolkovac
      Kathryn Bolkovac
      Episode 25
      Sarah Montague talks to Kathryn Bolkovac, a former US police officer, who exposed a human trafficking operation while working with a private military contractor in post-war Bosnia.
    • Martin McGuinness
      Martin McGuinness
      Episode 24
      Martin McGuinness is committed to Irish unity and socialism. Stephen Sackur asks him whether either makes sense in the current political climate.
    • Christina Schmid
      Christina Schmid
      Episode 23
      Stephen Sackur talks to Christina Schmid whose husband, Oz, was killed in action in Afghanistan. She has questioned the way Britain treats the soldiers it puts in harm's way.
    • Dambisa Moyo
      Dambisa Moyo
      Episode 22
      Zambian economist and author Dambisa Moyo believes western nations are heading for second division status unless they undertake radical reform. She talks to Stephen Sackur.
    • Bruce Riedel
      Bruce Riedel
      Episode 21
      Stephen Sackur speaks to Bruce Riedel, adviser to President Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan, and asks if the US is any closer to neutralising the jihadi threat.
    • Roger Martin
      Roger Martin
      Episode 20
      Carrie Gracie speaks to Roger Martin, chair of the Optimum Population Trust, who claims population control remains an 'irrational taboo' which is betraying generations to come.
    • Aaron Porter
      Aaron Porter
      Episode 19
      Stephen Sackur speaks to Aaron Porter, president of the British National Union of Students and asks what's wrong with graduates bearing more of a financial burden?
    • Juan Manuel Santos
      Juan Manuel Santos
      Episode 18
      Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, talks about the sweeping social and economic reforms he hopes will rid his country of its reputation for inequality and corruption.
    • Anders Fogh Rasmussen
      Stephen Sackur asks Nato's Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen if the organisation is able to successfully adapt to a changing world.
    • Christine Legarde
      Christine Legarde
      Episode 16
      Sarah Montague speaks to Ireland's Europe minister Dick Roche, France's finance minister Christine Lagarde and the chief economist of HSBC, Stephen King.
    • Janos Martonyi
      Janos Martonyi
      Episode 15
      Commenting on Moody's decision to downgrade Hungary's credit rating to just above junk, the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Janos Martonyi, told Sarah Montague why he thinks this is a huge mistake.
    • Valerie Amos
      Valerie Amos
      Episode 14
      Carrie Gracie talks with Valerie Amos, Head of the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and asks her if the UN aid effort is fit for purpose.
    • Danilo Turk
      Danilo Turk
      Episode 13
      Danilo Turk, the President of Slovenia, says that "too little fiscal discipline" has lead to the current crisis but new mechanisms in place.
    • PJ O'Rourke
      PJ O'Rourke
      Episode 12
      The American conservative and satirist PJ O'Rourke tells HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur why he thinks the US car giant General Motors should not have been bailed out with taxpayers' money.
    • Mohamed Nasheed
      Mohamed Nasheed
      Episode 11
      President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives is one of the most vocal advocates of urgent action.
    • Alex Salmond
      Alex Salmond
      Episode 10
      Stephen Sackur talks to First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond about the SNP's plans for a referendum on independence.
    • Lord Carlile Of Berriew Qc
      Stephen Sackur asks Lord Carlile, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, how Britain can strike the right balance between preserving civil liberties and protecting the public from terrorism?
    • Courtenay Griffiths QC
      Michael Heseltine is the minister who, under the Thatcher governments, led the urban regeneration efforts in the 1980s. Now David Cameron wants him to help bring growth to the UK's poorest places. But how, in this age of austerity?
    • Abdullah Gul
      Abdullah Gul
      Episode 7
      In a special edition of Hardtalk, Stephen Sackur talks to Abdullah Gul, Turkey's President and asks him how the Ankara government intends to wield its regional power.
    • Eamon Ryan
      Eamon Ryan
      Episode 6
      This year Ireland's budget deficit will be nearly a third of national economic output. Eamon Ryan, Ireland's Energy and Communication Minister, speaks to HARDtalk. What will it take to save the Irish economy?
    • Alistair Darling
      Alistair Darling
      Episode 5
      Britain's Conservative led coalition is about to unveil the most dramatic cuts in public expenditure since World War Two. Former Chancellor Alistair Darling is now free of the responsibilities of office. He talks to Stephen Sackur.
    • Ann Coulter
      Ann Coulter
      Episode 4
      In America, politics is fast becoming a media blood-sport. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has made a successful career out of causing offence. But is the language of hate corroding America's political culture? She talks to Stephen Sackur.
    • Edward Dolman
      Edward Dolman
      Episode 3
      Art is now being seen as a better investment than stocks and shares. Sarah Montague talks to Edward Dolman, the Chairman of Christie's International, one of the world's best known auction houses, asks if art has become an investment just like any other.
    • Felipe Calderon
      Felipe Calderon
      Episode 2
      More than 28,000 people have died in the drugs war since President Felipe Calderon ordered the army into the fight in 2006. In an exclusive interview for HARDtalk he talks to Stephen Sackur about whether the war against the gangs can ever be won.
    • Michel Kazatchkine
      Michel Kazatchkine is the Executive Director of the Global Fund to fight Aids, TB and Malaria. Are we not spending enough, or are we spending it badly? He talks to Stephen Sackur.
    • Mahendra Chaudhry