Hark at Barker

Season 1 Episode 4

Rustless And a Banquet

Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 02, 1969 on ITV

Episode Recap

Lord Rustless explains the importance of etiquette by staging a banquet in which his servants pretend to be distinguished guests. As usual, his rambling talk leads him to many different subjects which are explained in sketches: Country pub: A city gent asks a country yokel (Barker) for directions, but finds that he constantly has to buy the local man beer. When he finally demands that the yokel pays for the next round of drinks, the yokel gives him the right directions. The hard-boiled egg: A silent sketch in which Ronnie Barker tries to get rid of an egg that clearly has been boiled for too long. He attempts to leave it in the park, throws it from a tall building and puts it under a steam roller. Eventually the egg is hatched, and the little bird lays a new egg. Edward & Phyllis: A woman complains that her husband doesn't pay her any attention in bed. He denies it at first but in the end he admits that he'd rather have his secretary in bed. So Miss Green joins them. The banquet turns into a disaster because cook didn't have time to prepare a meal as she had to pretend to be a distinguished guest. They'll all have to do with a few sandwiches.
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