Hark at Barker

Season 1 Episode 2

Rustless And Women

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 18, 1969 on ITV

Episode Recap

Lord Rustless gives a lecture about women, although he is distracted by many things, such as a mysterious telegram from Fifi. Fast lifts: Some women get into a fast lift. When they arrive at the top they find that their underwear has dropped down. The cruise: A bored, rich couple go on a cruise to save their marriage. The man seems more interested in the sharks and he doesn't mind when his wife jumps overboard. Modern art: In this silent sketch we see Ronnie Barker as a sculptor, dealing with the many problems an artist faces. Restaurant sketch: An escaped prisoner hiding under a table forces a man eating at a restaurant to hand over his food and his clothes. Lord Rustless remembers who Fifi is, an old girlfriend. When he sees her arriving at the mansion he's appalled by how she's aged and asks her to leave.