Harlock Saga

(ended 1999)


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  • Season 1
    • The end
      The end
      Episode 13
      Harlock is left alone on the ship save Mimeh. He follows the Noo into the realm the earth is hidden in. Meanwhile Tadashi is visited by his father’s ghost who tells him of a promise Harlock made him.
    • The Soul Drift transistors to the Far Ends, with No Words At Parting
      The crew must find a means of saving the Arcadia without the assistance of the computer of edge. During this time, Irita starts attacking the Fata Morgana. In an ultimate act of heroism, it sacrifices its self by sacrificing the vessel to embed a tracer which will allow Harlock to follow the Noo…moreless
    • Trembling Universe
      Trembling Universe
      Episode 11
      After Noo took on Harlock in a duel, the Arcadia goes on the Néoterra planet to help it in its combat against the Fata Morgana. The Noo then show all its destructing power by causing a seism which shakes the entire universe. Taken with the earth, will the Arcadia manage to escape from it?moreless
    • Kei-Illusion
      Episode 10
      Captured by the Noo, the body of Kei Yuki surveys the corridors of the Arcadia with an aim of destroying the computer of the vessel. During this time, Kei, captive of her dream, meets the spirits of the missing scientists, who tell her it tragic story of the crew of the Fata Morgana.moreless
    • In the Depths of the Shadows of the Soul
      Come to save his friends, Harlock manages to find force in itself is not enough to overcome one of the dark entities of the Noo. But while the crew of Arcadia makes it their business to figure out the mystery of the disappearance of the Earth by deciphering the medallion of Tadashi, an underhand threat is introduced on board the vessel…moreless
    • Somewhere within the Decimated Planet dregs the Castle Ruins
    • The Moon Waits in the Promised Land
      On a mining planet, a howling sound resounds in the middle of a mountain and a miner disappears. Maji, a former to its research his dissapearence. During this time, the crew of Arcadia discovers a mysterious pyramid hidden under a crater of the Moon.
    • A Gentle Smile one the Skull of Memory
      The armada is decimated, and Ilita the only survivor. Whereas Arcadia approaches the battle field unhindered. Tadashi burns with.But will the valorous crew of the pirate vessel resist the influence of the servants of the evil?
    • Battlefield-The Tombstone Planet
      The Arcadia investigates the disappearance of the Earth. During this time, the army of the commander Ilita is on the point attackong, but will it last long against the most frightening weapon of the ghost ship: fear!
    • Yattaran' S 30-Second Study Bureau
      Yattaran, Kei Yuki and the other former ship mates of Harlock are being held on the planet prison and are condemned to the capital punishment. While the Arcadia strives to set them free, the commander Ilita takes the head of the space armada to go to fight the Fata Morgana.
    • The Voice calling for Noo from Afar
      The Earth mysterious attack of Fata Morgana, ghost ship once visited by th esteemed professor Daiba has become earth highest priority . Tadashi then decides to accept the proposal of the Harlock , and to embark on board Arcadia.
    • For Whom the Friend Sleeps
      As Harlock has returned to the planet of rubbish its local police force is on edge. Meanwhile Tadashi discovers the nature of the work his dead father Daiba did on the notorious space ship.
    • Blues of the Rubbish Heap
      Tadashi is a young man living on a junk heap of a planet. He lives his life by his fists, fighting the neighborhoods gangs and going out with his girl friend. His live changes when he returns home to find his father dead and zombie like creatures hanging over his father’s corpse. He is saved from the creatures by the notorious captain Harlock who invites him onto his ship to become a man.moreless