Harlock Saga

(ended 1999)


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  • Captain harlock an exiled space pirate cotinues to protect a planet thet hates and fears him.

    Harlock is a human who has been exiled from earth for to his crimes. On his journeys he became the captain of the last pirate ship arcadia. The saga has a dark and gothic touch to it, with the strangely haunting scenes and characters and the futility of their quests. Even the heroes battle their own private demons. With a crew of people who lack homes seek revenge and owe Harlock the whole thing has an eerie feel to it. Even the ship is depressing! But the fact that the whole lot of them are good at heart makes it so good. Harlock, cool, calm and composed fights to save a planet he is no longer welcome on. His crew would risk their lives to save people unknown to them and even their own enemies. The balance the show has makes it very good to watch.