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Harper's Island

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Harper's island is a murder mystery show where a group of people go a secluded island for a wedding- and for death. It turns into a struggle for survival, where every episode someone is killed and every person is a suspect. At the end of the 13 episodes, all questions are answered and only a few survive.

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    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      Harper's Island was a Mini-Series on CBS in the summer of 2009. Had it been in a decent time slot or debuted in the fall, this would have been a huge franchise. Instead this unique and exciting show was buried due to bad ratings. Harper's Island is a small island off the coast of Washington state, where rich people come to vacation, a small fishing village exists, and it was the home to a serial killer. 7 years earlier, John Wakefield killed 6 people on Harper's Island including Abby's mother. Now she is returning home for the first in 7 years for the wedding of her best friend. Harper's Island is back to normal, Wakefield is long dead, and all that remains are people start dying again. The show is terrific, full of twists and turns and all kinds of things you won't see coming. I love shows that keep you guessing and make you think, however the one drawback of this show is that it was in fact designed as a mini-series. There is so much good stuff here, but they only have 13 hours to tell the story, so a lot of it is rushed and at points it feels like you're watching a soap opera. I wish the network saw the potential and took this gem and made it into a series, but they didn't. Harper's Island is hardly remembered now, 4 years later, but it was a show that was clever, fast-paced, and adored by its fans. The true killer of Harper's Island is Nielsen, as once again the ratings killed a gem in the making.moreless
    • Though flawed, fantastic show

      I realize that a lot of people have problems with this show (in particular, the ending), but overall, this was an amazing show. Well-written, layered plot lines, great characters (that weren't totally 2-dimensional), great acting, awesome production values, and some really great suspense. Pretty much everything I could want out a murder mystery TV series.

      While the ending could have been better, it by no means ruined the show, and in retrospect it actually could have been handled a lot worse.

      Lastly, shout out to CJ Thomason. Huge fan of his and thought he did a great job in this series. He really stood out among such a talented cast, and I love his relationship with Abby. Since the show ended, I've been looking for other stuff to see him in. I really enjoyed him in Husk, and I've heard he's also great in The Monkey's Paw.

      Great show, definitely worth several repeat viewings.moreless
    • Good premise but....

      This show proved to be disappointing. I was hoping for some good suspense here but unfortunately it failed to deliver. The producers seem to take the lazy way out by merely increasing the level of violence each episode to try and feed the audience's interest. As the show became more and more gruesome, the desire to find out the ending became less and less appealing. Quite a shame too as the idea was spectacular but the execution wasn't.moreless
    • I agree with the comment "Waste of Time"

      I am also 54 and this is the stupidest show I have ever seen. Fortunately, several of the actors have redeemed themselves in other shows. I am sure they are grateful to have put this behind them as well. The light in which they portray women as helpless, pathetic, useless creatures burns my behind. Please, how many times do they send the woman out of the room with a shot gun to leave a guy with a switch blade to fight the killer who has a machete. Dam any one well placed shot and the killer is a thing of the past. What writers came up with that ????? Stupid!!!!! This would have scored a minus if it were available....moreless
    • B-Movie as a tv show.

      Not bad. I actually enjoyed watching every week. Not the best acting.

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