Harper's Island

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 02, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's a new day on Harper's Island and Shea introduces herself to the psychic she hired as entertainment for Trish's bachelorette party. Madison looks over the tarot cards and the psychic tells Shea that Madison has a lively spirit. The psychic tells Madison that the tarot cards tell her things about people and Madison says they do her too and points out the tower card and asks if it means someone is going to die. At the Cannery, Abby is fretting over Henry and Trish's wedding gift. Nikki looks over the scrapbook Abby made for Trish and comments her on how long it must have taken her to make it. Abby needs to get to the newspaper before the bachelorette party and Nikki says she's bartending the bachelor party. Abby asks if she needs an assistant as Jimmy walks in with a huge container full of crabs.

Back at the Candlewick, Henry comes out of the bathroom to a nude Trish. He asks her what she's doing and Trish says she has no idea what he's talking about. Henry concludes this is her way of telling him to have fun at his bachelor party but not too much fun. Trish goes to get dressed and Henry grabs her and they fall onto the bed. Madison asks her mother if spirits are real and Shea says she doesn't know. Madison says that the spirits are telling Karina, the psychic, bad things and Shea says that Karina is just for fun. Karina opens up the paper with all the ladies' names and birthdates. She develops a nosebleed and bleeds on Abby's name.

Abby and Jimmy walk out of the Cannery together and Jimmy apologizes for Shane and what happened to Kelly. Jimmy wants Abby to enjoy her time on the island and Abby says he can help her by allowing her to drive. The groomsmen discuss the bachelor party and the exotic dancer Sully hired. Henry arrives and Sully throws him a box full of bait. The groomsmen are going on Henry's favorite pastime, which is fishing. They are just waiting on Malcolm and "Muffin". Malcolm is pitching his business plan to Thomas and Richard, a microbrewery, and is asking for $100,000 start up cash. Shea presents Trish with a special gift, their mother's fine china to use during the bachelorette party. Madison drops a piece and smashes it to pieces and claims she didn't do it.

The groomsmen are out on the boat having a good time hanging out together as Malcolm sulks over not getting his funding. He is convinced Richard sandbagged him somehow. Henry catches a large fish and Sully jumps into the water with "Muffin," a blow up doll. Sully is pulled under, but it's just a joke. Danny notices a bunch of seagulls and the guys head on out to check out the fish in that area. In town, Abby inspects Jimmy's truck and points out some repairs he needs to make. Jimmy states his displeasure over Abby's previous departure and Abby says it wasn't his fault. Jimmy says he moved on and asks about Abby's love life. Jimmy gets a call to help out Julia.

The groomsmen come upon the abandoned speedboat Hunter drove and was killed in and find his dead body, although they have no idea who it is. Henry goes to call the harbormaster for help, but is delayed when Malcolm finds the bag full of money. Malcolm shoots the bottom of the boat and they decide to take the money. Madison and Thomas are playing Go Fish and Trish asks where Katherine is. Madison says she saw her by the pool and Trish heads off. Trish hears some noises and goes to investigate. She sees Katherine and Richard together and runs off. Abby and Jimmy try to fix Julia's car, to no avail, and Julia turns out to be an elderly woman that Jimmy helps out with groceries and odd jobs.

The guys show off their catch of fish to Cal. Cal tells the guys some odd pieces of trivia about fish and says he'll see them later at the bachelor party. The guys count up the money, $250,000, figure it's $50,000 each and argue on what they should do, keep it or turn it in to the police. Malcolm pleads his case to Henry for the money so he can finance his business. The decision is made to forget about the money until after the bachelor party. Abby arrives at the newspaper for the article she needs for the scrapbook and sees a pile of articles about the Wakefield case. She asks who wanted them and Robin says she doesn't know. Abby leaves the newspaper office, Robin is staring at her through the window and Karina almost hits Abby with her car. The scrapbook also falls on the ground into the mud, ruining it.

Trish returns to the room in tears and tells Henry about Katherine and Richard. At the bachelorette party, Katherine presents all the ladies with pink hoodies with Trish and Henry's names embroidered on them as Trish looks on unenthused. Maggie pulls aside Trish and Shea, they go into the tea room and see all of Trish's mother's fine china smashed into bits and pieces. Shea asks where Madison is and Abby volunteers to find her. Abby finds Madison in an empty room pulling petals off of a rose one by one. She tells Abby that she's never going to be a flower girl because the spirits told her. The groomsmen are in the hotel bar discussing the money and their fears of being arrested. Then a couple of tough looking guys with guns enter the bar and the boys assume their drug dealers looking for the money. Henry arrives and they draw straws to determine who will hide the money in a safer place. Booth draws the short straw.

At the bachelorette party Karina is reading Trish's cards and says that she will betrayed by someone she loves and that person will also be her savior. Booth is searching the woods looking for a hiding place for the money. The bachelor party is in full swing at the Cannery, Cal is having a great time. Henry confronts Richard about the affair and Richard blows it off. Abby's turn with the psychic. Karina holds Abby's necklace, she knows it belonged to Abby's mother. Karina is disturbed by her "vision" and runs out. Back at the bachelor party, the two guys from the hotel bar come in looking for Sully. They're the bouncers with the exotic dancer. Malcolm comes upon Booth. Booth accidentally shoots himself in the leg and is bleeding heavily and dies in Malcolm's arms. Malcolm runs away with the money.

At the bachelor party, Stacey is the exotic dancer. She happens to a local girl whom Henry has known since she was a little girl, just a bit uncomfortable. Karina confronts Abby and says she needs to leave, "he's" going to kill her. Sully is sitting alone, with "Muffin", and wonders why women find Cal attractive. Malcolm finally arrives. Henry is pleased to see him and asks if has seen Booth. Malcolm says he hasn't. Abby knocks on a door, Jimmy opens it and they embrace. Malcolm is sitting in his room with the money next to him. He zips up the bag, puts it on the floor and starts to cry.

At the Candlewicks' pool, a drunk Trish sees "Muffin" in the pool. She falls in trying to fish her out. Trish decides to take a little swim as the automatic pool cover engages. A dark figure pulls out an unconscious Trish and performs mouth to mouth resuscitation on her, saving her life. Henry runs up, it was Richard who saved Trish. He says she was lucky that he was there and it could have been bad. The one who betrayed her was also her savior.
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